Rollator Buying Guide- All You Need to Know

Rollator Buying Guide- All You Need to Know

By Ayush Henry

Four wheel walkers are popularly known as "Rollators". Rollators are constructed with brakes that assist in stabilizing them for outdoor use. There are two main types of rollators, 4 wheel rollators and 3 wheel rollators. Since rollator only need to be pushed and doesn’t require lifting, they allow user to move fast safely. This makes long trips easier without slowing down the pace. Many of rollators are equipped with basket or bag to carry personal things. Rollators are great for outdoors with uneven surfaces. There are also narrow rollators available that can be used indoors.

Choosing a Rollator

To buy rollator, it is important to consider certain factors. Some of them are given below:

  1. 4-Wheel Or 3-Wheel Rollator
     Rollator Buying Guide- All You Need to Know                                                  

    It is necessary to know that both 4 wheel rollator and 3 wheel rollator have their unique quality. 4 wheel rollators are better in stability and they have a seat attached to it. This can be used when the user gets tired and want to sit for a moment while 3 wheel rollators can turn in tighter spaces and are lighter in weight.

  2. Seat Of A Rollator

    For you, if seat is a really important factor in rollator then it is better to eliminate three wheel rollator as a choice. Only 4 wheel rollators come with a seat attached to it. Choose from different kinds of seats like a flat hard plastic or a padded and contoured, as per the need. Some 4 wheel rollators also come with height adjustable seat. Make selection according to the personal choice.

  3. Width Of A Rollator

    It is important to consider the width of rollator as it may become a problem with standard closet door or bathroom size. They may not fit in small places. A four wheel rollator could be around 22 inches wide and that is the standard width of a bathroom door. Many three wheel rollator comes with the additional feature of partial collapsing, making them fit through tighter spaces.

  4. Weight Of A Rollator

    It is best to consider the overall weight of the rollator and weight capacity of it. Ensure that the user lies under the weight capacity. This will ensure that rollator will support you correctly. The overall weight of the rollator becomes important when it has to be put in car to transport it to different place or take it upstairs.

  Rollator Buying Guide- All You Need to Know

There are many accessories that go along with rollators to ease day to day routine like: Tote bags, oxygen tank carrier, hand grips, height extensions, etc. Visit to see wide variety of rollators along with accessories.