Choosing the Right Walker- Buyer’s Guide

There are many different types of walkers available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Safety, comfort and additional features available should be taken into account before making the right choice. Given below is the overview of different types of Walkers: 

Standard Walkers

Standard walkers are popularly known as medical walkers. They are well-known because they are easy to handle and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color. To use standard walkers, the person must have a little upper body strength as they need to be lifted to move. It is not recommended to use standard walkers on long trips as it can be tiring to lift it for every step. They also impede the pace of walking. 


Rolling Walkers

As the name suggests a rolling walker is a walker with wheels. Wheels can either be on the front and the back or front-only. The best part of rolling walker is that it allows the person to move at a faster pace as it is not required to lift them with each step. Rolling walkers are less stable than standard walkers still they prove to be effective. People who are planning for extra support but are likely to walk freely around; rolling walkers can be a good option for them.



Four wheel walkers are popularly known as "Rollator". Rollators are constructed with brakes that assist in stabilizing them for outdoor use. Since rollators do not require lifting, they allow the user to move fast and safely. Many of rollators are equipped with basket or bag to carry personal things.


Folding Walkers 

Folding walkers are specially meant to be collapsible. This makes them easy to store and transport. They provide reliable stability and walking support both indoors and outdoors. Folding walkers are usually equipped with single-button or dual-button folding mechanism.


Walker Accessories

Walker accessories can make things easier. There are many walker accessories available like trays, Tote bags, straps and belts, walker splint, glide tips, etc., they are designed to be durable and lightweight while you use the walker or rollator.


Walker Bags 

Walker bags are the most wanted accessory for walkers and rollators. They are useful in carrying belongings to the distance user wills to walk. They are lightweight and comes in amazing design and variety.


Walker Trays

Walker trays are designed to transport food and beverage easily. They are easy to manage and lightweight to attach.


Where to buy Mobility Walkers online?

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