Lift Chair: Buying Guide

It sometimes becomes difficult for people in old age to move around. Muscles stiffness and joint aches are frequent, even the smallest task can cause intense pain with each movement. Sometimes, along with pain the person loses mobility. Even standing up from the seating position is troublesome. This is the time to start looking for ways to reduce stress and limit body movement. A  Lift chair is the most suitable way to sit down and get up without putting stress on the body. It provides independence, safety, and convenience, while additional features can give extra comfort.

Lift chairs come in a variety of sizes and with different functionality. Lift chair can make a big difference if you need that little boost to get to a standing position or if you want to sleep right in your chair. This guide to lift chairs is made to ensure caregivers and those needing a lift chair will get the right information. This will make you aware of different types of lift chairs available and also some well known manufacturers of quality lift chairs.

Lift Chair Selection Checklist

  • The type of reclining features you are looking for (2-Position, 3-Position, Infinite-Position or Zero Gravity).
  • The person’s height and weight
  • Additional comfort features
  • Sense of room décor

Size Variants of Lift Chair

Choosing the right size of lift chair is a very important for anyone looking to get one, as a lift chair gets the user into standing position. Height is an important factor for a lift chair user. If the chair is inappropriately tall, it may lift the user off the ground, and cause accidents. Look into the main factors for best function and performance. It ultimately comes down to the comfort of the user. Follow the general guidelines to select right chair size.

Height Over 350 Pounds Under 350 Pounds
Under 5-feet Height: 18" Width: 29" Height: 18" Width: 23"
5-feet to 5-feet, 3" Height: 19.5" Width: 27" Height: 19" Width: 20"
5-feet, 4" to 5-feet, 10" Height: 19.5" Width: 27" Height: 19.5" Width: 21"
5-feet, 10" to 6-feet, 8" Height: 22.5" Width: 29" Height: 20-22" Width: 23"

Anyone looking forward to purchase a lift chair must consider the size of the chair carefully before finalizing the decision.

Exquisite Features

Many lift chairs offer additional features to increase the comfort of the user however the primary feature of lifting the person remains the same.

In addition to primary features, one can also look for:

  • Extra storage pockets to hold magazine and remotes.
  • Heat and massage functions.
  • Right or left remote hand control location.
  • Lumbar pillow support.
  • Cup holders and snack trays.
  • Removable arms to ensure easy in and out of the chair.

Lift Chair Positions

Lift Chairs are available in four main positions: 2-position3-positioninfinite-position, and zero-gravity. Each of these position offers different reclining features to users, allowing them to choose the right chair for their needs.

Lift Chair: Buying Guide

2-Position Lift Chair

Two Position Lift Chairs are perfect for those who don’t need a full recline. These Chairs have a lift position and a slight recline position. As the user reclines in a 2 position lift chair, their back and thighs will stay at about 90 degrees. It does not recline for sleeping. It keeps the user mostly upright when fully reclined. Despite the name "2-position," the chair can actually recline to anywhere between the fully upright position and the 45-degree reclining position. It is designed for increased comfort while reading or watching television. 

3-Position Lift Chair

Three-position models offer a way to sit in 3 positions (Upright, 45-degree angle and complete recline at 135 degrees, it does not achieve a perfect horizontal recline). Three-position lift chairs increase the amount of reclining to include a napping position. This position is much further back than 45 degrees offered by the two-position lift chair, but does not recline fully back into a flat position there is a slight "V" shape where the back and seat meet. Like the two-position lift chair, the three-position chair can recline to any position within its reclining range. With an elevating ottoman it is ideal for those seeking a bit more recline when watching television or relaxing.

  • Upright – The way one would sit in a traditional non-reclining chair
  • 45-degree angle – Preferred by many as the optimal TV viewing or reading position
  • Full recline – For resting or sleeping

Infinite-Position Lift Chair

An Infinite Position Lift Chair can achieve a fully reclined position. It adds even more of a reclining range, increasing reclines to bed-like (flat) position for sleeping. This type can sometimes allow position whereby the feet are higher than the heart. Infinite position lift chairs consist of dual motors, one for the back and another for the legs, which allows for more amount of position that can be achieved. As with the two- and three-position lift chairs, the infinite-position chair can be set to any position between sitting fully upright and the flat position. Infinite position lift chairs will also recline fully, allowing you to sleep more comfortably than you would in a chair with less versatility. An infinite position lift chair provides a wide range of positions to suit your desired level of comfort.

Zero-Gravity Lift Chair

Zero Gravity lift chairs provide comfort and relief by aligning your body in an optimum position, relieving the spine from the normal pull of gravity. This chair offers the full range of recline but also allows the user to recline even further back. This position eases the stress on the lower back, giving relief from stiffness.

Heavy Duty Lift Chair

When considering an appropriate lift chair option, one popular choice that stands out amongst the different lift chair types is a Heavy Duty Lift Chair because it can bear a large amount of weight, as compared to standard types. Generally, a lift chair is built to carry approximately 300 pounds, but Heavy Duty lift chairs can support more than 500 pounds or more. These chairs have deeper and broader seats and run on dual electric motors to increase comfort and stability. Most heavy-duty chairs are available in 2 or position models.

Why are prices so different?

Like most things, you pay for quality. Quality manufacturers use furniture grade wood, high-quality fabrics, finely crafted mechanisms and top of the line electronics in manufacturing their chairs. Most manufactures have multiple product lines with economic, mid-grade and luxury choices.

Customizing Lift Chair

Lift chairs can be customized in hundreds of ways all designed to provide greater utility, comfort or functionality. You can get a chair with leather, massage, heated massage, extra soft, extra firm, petite, extra-wide, etc. You name it you can get it!. But before you buy Know what options you want in advance Be mindful of weight limits Will it fit in the room? or Through the door?

Considerations for Room and Décor

Décor is important to many lift chair users. Lift chair recliners can make a great addition to your home decor.  It is possible to closely match a lift chair to most existing furniture colors.  It will provide comfort and help increase independence. Lift chairs are medical equipment that nobody can notice while looking at one. They are designed to look just like normal recliner chairs. Unless you tell them, most people probably won't even notice that it is a lift chair. It is also important to think about the room where it will be placed. Lift chairs are the approximate size of comparable recliners; however, they can require a bit more space when activated. Looking into the features and options will be most beneficial for you.

Lift Chair Mechanism

Underneath the seat of Electric lift chair there is an entire mechanical frame that tilts the chair. That mechanical frame is controlled by a handheld device near the arm of the chair. On some power lift chairs; this device also controls the reclining.

In some older lift chairs instead of electrical mechanism, it uses springs to lift the chair. Due to safety concerns, many manufacturers have stopped using spring mechanism. Once started the spring would be faster and may not allow the person to control it. The electrical mechanism in modern lift chairs raises much slowly, allowing the user to safely get to his or her feet.

The idea of using lift chair might not be new for you. The comfort and ease you will get is unimaginable. Prefer consulting a healthcare professional while choosing the right lift chair for you.

Where To Buy Lift Chairs online?

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