The Complete Guide to Beach Wheelchairs

Everyone loves to be on a beach, taking long strolls and sun basking. However, an impaired mobility can make a visit to the seaside a challenge. A standard wheelchair cannot be traversed on a beach. It is here that beach wheelchairs prove their utility. Let us look at some of their exclusive features:

  • Soft, plastic pneumatic wheels absorb shocks which makes the ride across the sand smooth and comfortable. The wheels are large enough to roll across the sand without sinking or getting stuck.
  • There are models which need to be pushed around by a companion, whereas some are self-propelled and motorized.
  • Reclining beach wheelchairs have an adjustable seat and footrest, which allows the user to be in a relaxing, lying down position.
  • Conversion kits enable a standard wheelchair to be converted into an all-terrain wheelchair.
  • A standard wheelchair can be fastened to a wheelchair carrier, letting the user maneuver the beach from the comfort of his own wheelchair.
  • Beach wheelchairs have fold-down seat back, removable push bar and detachable wheels, which makes them foldable and portable.
  • The corrosion resistant frames make them tough to withstand the saline sea water.
  • There are special bariatric wheelchairs with a high user weight capacity.
  • Easy-to-assemble. Typically, no tools are required to assemble them because they utilize quick-release pins.

The following products exhibit these features and are maneuverable on beaches and other kinds of rough terrain:

1. Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair with 4 Large Wheels and Umbrella

Flaunting an aquamarine color, Aqua Wheelchair with Umbrella is an all-terrain wheelchair and can be used in sand, snow, and other soft soil. It is sturdy, lightweight and easily disassembles for storage and portability. Its high-quality UV protected PVC frame is non-corrosive and can withstand salt water. The balloon floatation tires make it easy to sail across the sand. It has a dual action handle parking brake and adjustable safety belt for the safety of the user. The cushioned seat gives adequate comfort to the user.

Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair with 4 Large Wheels and Umbrella
Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair with 4 Large Wheels and Umbrella

2. Aqua Creek Stainless Steel Aquatic Wheelchair

Apt for use in swimming pools with ramps or beach entry, the stainless-steel frame is durable and corrosion resistant. Flip-up arms and removable and folding footrests, makes Aqua Stainless Steel Wheelchair collapsible, allowing easy storage and transfers. The seat upholstery is mildew resistant mesh, suitable for daily use in a pool environment. The solid rubber tires and mag-style wheels make it tough and stable in water.

3. Beach De-Bug Stainless Steel All Terrain Wheelchair

The all-terrain wheelchair provides different foot positions. The linear position telescopic length adjustment and four position angle adjustment gives adequate foot support. The stainless-steel frame corrosion resistant. The large front tires and small rear casters (which rotate 360 degrees) keep it sturdy on a sandy beach. The safety mechanism includes brakes of stainless steel hardware. The wheel brake can be actuated independently on each side. The rear suspension system allows all the four (4) wheels to remain grounded when traversing a rough terrain. The swing away armrests are removable allowing easy transfers.

Beach De-Bug Stainless Steel All Terrain Wheelchair
Healthline Medical All Terrain Beach Wheelchair

4. Healthline Medical All Terrain Beach Wheelchair

Bearing an aquatic blue color, this attractive-looking Medical Beach Wheelchair is designed for individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. The heavy-duty, high-flotation, balloon wheels with non-corrosive plastic bearings, allow the user to traverse through all kinds of uneven terrain. All the four (4) wheels have large tires. The rear swivel casters allow easy steering on the beach. The detachable canopy gives sun-protection.

So, if you are a beach-lover, do not let a physical disability dampen your spirits. It would be a wise decision to invest in a beach wheelchair. It will not only allow you easy access to the beach but will also enable you to indulge in sand and seaside activities.



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