Top Ten Wheelchair Cushions

When buying a seat cushion for prolonged use, a user looks for much more than the comfort level. An ideal seat cushion for wheelchairs should prevent pressure sores or skin tears. It should also help in pressure management, positioning, and enhanced sitting balance.

There is a variety available in wheelchair cushions in terms of material, construction and physical characteristics. This may make it confusing when you are picking one to match your individual requirements. Thus, its gets imperative to assess individual condition, educate oneself on the types of cushions available and draw a match between these two.

It is important to assess the user’s condition, where would the wheelchair be used and how would the wheelchair be used. The most common cushion technologies available are – foam, gel, and air or dry floatation. While each one has its own merits and demerits, it is essential for the user to make an optimal choice to match his/her needs.

Where to buy Wheelchair Cushions online?

Shop Wheelchair offers a wide range of wheelchair cushions. Top 10 are listed below:

1. Curve Wheelchair Cushion with Comfort-Tek Cover

This high-density molded foam cushion is reasonably priced. The foam increases the surface area thereby releasing point pressure areas. Its stand-apart feature is its reflective piping which makes it visible even from 500 feet. The anti-thrust shelf promotes postural stability and prevents slipping. The thigh separator enables postural alignment. Curve Cushion with Comfort-Tek Cover also has a non-skid flat bottom fabric which has hook and loop attachment. Encased in comfort trek fabric, this cushion is highly elastic, soft and smooth. It is infection resistant and easy to clean.

Bilt-Rite Gel-eeze Standard Wheelchair Cushion

2. Bilt-Rite Gel-eeze Standard Wheelchair Cushion

Gel-eeze Wheelchair Cushion is designed to be a gel/foam cushion. It consists of a gel bladder that is positioned between two thick pieces of high-resiliency, high-density foam for pressure relief and superior weight distribution. The bladder rests in a cutout section of the bottom foam piece to keep the cushion at the level. It comes with a wet proof nylon cover.

3. Action Products Pilot Cushion

A low-profile cushion lets the user reach the floor for more efficient foot-assisted propulsion. Pilot Cushion provides exceptional pressure relief to users with a pressure injury history. It immerses bony protrusions and maintains fragile skin integrity. It specifically reduces high-pressure areas, vibration, and shear. It conforms to pre-contoured foam or rigid cushions to maximize stability and cushioning.

Action Products Centurian Cushion
EHOB Waffle Seat Cushion

4. EHOB Waffle Seat Cushion

This model is not only preventive but curative as well vis-a-vis pressure ulcer. Employing the waffle design technology, it has air pockets to allow air flow and moisture control to prevent ulcers and treat the existing sores. Waffle Seat Cushion is ideal for prolonged sitting by bariatric users. It is lightweight and thus easy to transport.

5. Essential Medical Fleece Covered Wheelchair Foam Cushion

The soft fleece cover provides enhanced comfort and improved skin aeration. Made of dense heavyweight foam, Fleece Covered Foam Cushion ensures a greater support. It is encased in a removable, washable cover.

Essential Medical Fleece Covered Wheelchair Foam Cushion
Medline 3 Inch Gel Foam Pressure Redistribution Cushion

6. Medline 3 Inch Gel Foam Pressure Redistribution Cushion

This cushion provides both comfort and pressure redistribution away from the bony prominences. A gel pack is placed between layers of high-resiliency foam to relieve pressure off the user’s spine. Medline Gel Foam Cushion is also durable and have an easy to clean Nylex top cover and vinyl bottom cover.

7. Curve Wheelchair Cushion With Stretch-Air Cover

Foam cushion with Stretch-Air Cover is similar in all its features to the Curve Wheelchair Cushion with Comfort-Tek Cover. The difference lies in the material used - the stretch air fabric which is a double-layered material with a soft and highly-elastic polyester outer layer and water-resistant polyurethane underneath layer. The multi-directional stretch enables pressure relief by facilitating back support. Designed to be airy and breathable, it helps in heat dissipation.

Curve Wheelchair Cushion With Stretch-Air Cover
Medline Aeroflow II Static Air Cushion

8. Medline Aeroflow II Static Air Cushion

Made of durable 16-gauge vinyl, it is 18 inches deep and 16 inches long. Aeroflow Air Cushion is latex-free and has a user weight capacity of 200lb.

9. Comfort Company M2 Zero Elevation Wheelchair Cushion With Comfort-Tek Cover

M2 Zero Elevation Wheelchair Cushion is constructed with high density molded foam and Quadra 3D gel pack evenly distributed across the seat in four compartments. The foam is cut out to give relief to the lower back by eliminating pressure on the spine and tailbone. The 3D gel pack reduces shear forces and building up of heat. Its reflective piping makes it safe by making it visible from up to 500 feet distance. The tapered leg adductors widen towards the back of the cushion to give greater support to the trochanter. The deep lateral and medial leg contours help in postural alignment. The fabric is infection resistant and easy to clean.

The Comfort Company M2 Zero Elevation Wheelchair Cushion With Comfort-Tek Cover
ROHO Mosaic Air Cushion

10. ROHO Mosaic Air Cushion

The ROHO Mosaic Air Cushion redistributes pressure using 3 inches interconnected air cells that are easy to set-up and adjust. This ensures the user a comfortable, functional and stable seating environment. It comes with a washable, non-skid cover. The user weight capacity is 300 lb.

So, go make your pick!! After having selected the perfect wheelchair cushion for yourself, its maintenance is equally important. It should be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. Look for tears or flaking in the foam and air or gel leakage. Likewise, the cushion cover should also be checked for any holes, tears and zipper malfunction. The bottom of most covers has a non-skid surface which too should be checked for any breakdown. Any signs of wearing out or damage, call for an immediate replacement.


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