EMS & Evacuation Equipment

EMS or Emergency Medical Services are a list of services that consolidate all those procedures that help a patient when in dire need. A must in almost all countries of the world, EMS requires different equipment and tools. Evacuation equipment are considered a part of EMS in some countries, while in some it is a different and equally important part. Major equipment for EMS and Evacuation includes evacuation chairs, EMS chairs, lifting cushions, and pillow lifts. These items help a professional administer the emergency medical services protocol with ease. In high rise buildings and offices, one of the major difficulties is of evacuation in time of an emergency or rushing a person to the hospital in time of dire need. Evacuation chairs and cushions help in evacuating the person in time and making sure they reach the hospital. 

At Patient Room we have a wide range of EMS and Evacuation Equipment from top selling brands such as Evac Chair, Mangar USA, Columbia Medical, etc.


Benefits and Need of EMS and Evacuation Equipment

  • Provides transfer or transport to the nearest care center
  • Helps evacuate a patient or a person in need
  • A must in high rise buildings and offices
  • An important part of emergency services at home
  • Include chairs, cushions, lifts, etc.

Types of EMS and Evacuation Equipment

  • Evacuation Chairs
  • EMS Chairs
  • EMS Vehicles
  • Lifting Cushions
  • Pillow Lifts