Hospital Beds & Accessories

Hospital beds are different from household beds as they have features that not only enhance the experience of the user but also make it easy and safe for the user while undergoing treatment for a condition. Normal beds are made in a standard way, whereas hospital beds have a different approach putting the care of the patient first. From making it easier for the user to sleep and move, to making it easier for the caregiver to administer treatment, Patient Room with its top selling hospital beds and accessories, is happy to help. We sell hospital beds and accessories from top selling brands such as Medline, Invacare, Drive Medical, etc.

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Hospital Beds

There are three major types of hospital beds: 

  • Manual Bed Frame - These bed frames can be adjusted easily by the caregiver. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and have a combination of levers to change the position of the patient 

  • Semi-Electric Bed Frame - Semi-electric frames have a motor and battery back up that allows the head and foot rests to move easily with the push of a button. The rest of the bed can be adjusted using handles and cranks 

  • Fully Electric Bed Frame - These frames completely run on electricity and are very expensive but luxurious. With the push of a button, you can change the position of the head and foot rests, the height of the bed, the alignment, and the inclination of the bed

Hospital Bed Mattresses

These mattresses are specially designed to increase comfort and decrease the chances of bed sores and other pressure related injuries which are common for bedridden patients. They come in a number of options such as: 

  • Innerspring Mattresses 

  • Foam Mattresses 

  • Alternating Pressure Mattresses 

  • Lateral Rotation Mattresses 

  • Low Air Mattresses 

  • All Therapy Mattresses 

These mattresses are all equipped with different features that are helpful while in bed. Different mattresses cater to the different needs of the user. If the patient is going to use the bed for a prolonged period of time then alternating pressure mattresses or all therapy mattresses are a good choice.

Bed Safety Rails

Bed safety rails are guard rails built on the circumference of hospital beds to prevent patients from rolling over and falling. They also provide a grip for the patient to sit up or roll to the other side of the bed. They are mostly made of either metal or composite plastic. There are four types of bed safety rails: 

  • Full Length Bed Safety Rails - They cover the entire circumference of the bed 

  • Half Length Bed Safety Rails - They are installed on one side of the bed 

  • Bed Wedges and Rail Pads - They are padded rails that do not hurt the patient if they roll into them 

  • Bed Assist Poles/Rails/Handles - They are similar to grab bars and are installed on a part of the hospital bed

Types of Bed Accessories

  • Foot Supports - Foot supports help people who suffer from venous disorders of the leg or other problems that affect the foot 

  • Blanket Lifters - Sometimes, in some conditions, a person is advised to not allow a blanket or any other cover to touch the feet or head. Blanket lifters allow the blanket to be raised from the feet or the head as per the need of the user 

  • Bed Storage Carts and Trolleys - The help in storing foldable beds and trolleys help carry them around or move them around 

  • Bed Trapeze - These suspending loops are for people who have to keep one arm or leg suspended in the air for treatment purposes 

  • Overbed Tables - These tables are meant for bed ridden patients. They can be used for eating, writing, etc.