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What is Manual Wheelchair?

Manual wheelchairs are the ones that come without a battery to power them. These mobility wheelchairs can be propelled by the user (Self-propelled) or by an attendant (Attendant propelled). To select the one best suited for your needs, you can make your decision depending upon the category, model, and price range in which the wheelchair falls. Our exclusive range accommodates high-quality wheelchairs segregated into many different categories, including lightweight wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs, rigid ultralight wheelchairs, folding ultralight wheelchairs, and many others. You can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and usage.

Types of Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

  1. Lightweight Wheelchairs: Lightweight wheelchairs make a great option for people with an active lifestyle. They possess a lightweight aluminum frame. Many lightweight manual wheelchairs are foldable and adjustable to cater to the specific needs of the wheelchair user. Folding wheelchairs are best used in compact spaces and fold compactly for storage. They are the best type of wheelchairs preferred by people who like traveling frequently. Drive Blue Streak Single Axle Wheelchair is a popular buy for lightweight wheelchair that offers added durability and safety to the user.
  2. Standard Wheelchair: Standard Manual wheelchairs are ideal for both short and long-term use, and they can be used as a self-propelled wheelchair or an attendant propelled wheelchair. At, we have standard wheelchairs from basic variety to the more complex varieties with detachable arms, dual cross bars, fixed full armrest, and more.
  3. Transport Wheelchairs: Transport wheelchairs are designed with frames that are collapsible and can be stored in compact spaces. These wheelchairs have armrests and footrests that flip away when a transfer is required. Transport manual wheelchairs are also known as transfer chairs.
  4. Bariatric Wheelchair: Bariatric wheelchair is designed to accommodate individuals who require extra room height and weight. These heavy-duty/bariatric wheelchairs are low maintenance and cost-effective and combine long-term performance with reliability.


How to Choose a Manual Wheelchair?


Choosing the right manual wheelchair from our huge selection is easy if you know what you want. Factors to consider when buying a manual wheelchair are:

  • Level of Activity: If you are energetic and into sports, you will require sports and a top-end manual wheelchair. It is an all-terrain manual wheelchair that is stylish but tough, can go over rough terrains smoothly. A standard manual wheelchair will be ideal if you are moderately active and independent, as it permits you to self-propel effortlessly and combines mobility and comfort.
  • Portability: If you are a frequent traveler who moves around a lot, you will need a lightweight wheelchair that is lightweight and portable. Its simple framework allows for easy maneuverability and strong support. A folding lightweight manual wheelchair would serve your purpose best, enabling you to stow it away into the trunk of your car easily.
  • Budget: If you have a fixed and tight budget, look for a low-end manual wheelchair, which will cost you less and provide you with all the features and options that will make your ride smooth and comfortable.
  • Personal Preference: If the patient uses a wheelchair most of the time, then a recliner manual wheelchair is the best option. These lightweight manual chairs are very comfortable and have a wide recline range. For people who are looking for assistance in the toilet/shower, our bathroom/shower wheelchairs are perfect with their sturdy and non-corrosive framework.


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Manual Wheelchair FAQs


What is a manual wheelchair used for?

Wheelchairs are utilized by people who find walking hard or impossible due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability.

Do you need a prescription to get a wheelchair?

However, because wheelchairs are often used to aid people with paralytic or degenerative medical conditions, you do not need a prescription for a wheelchair.

How do you pick a wheelchair?

Features you need (or should look for) when buying a wheelchair:

  • Seat Height
  • Chair Weight
  • Wheels
  • Seat size
  • Chair Height
  • Armrests
  • Leg rests


Where to buy Manual Wheelchairs online?


Shop more specialized manual wheelchairs, including pediatric wheelchairs, rigid ultralight wheelchairs, folding ultralight wheelchairs, bathroom wheelchairs, recliner wheelchairs, Tilt In Space Wheelchairs, and pool and beach wheelchairs at Shop Wheelchair. Please browse our extensive range to select the design that best suits your needs from top industry manufacturers like Invacare Corporation, Drive Medical, Medline Industries, Karman Healthcare.


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