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A day at the beach is really replenishing. Don’t miss out the fun. Try out our beach wheelchairs section. All terrain wheelchairs open the world of possibilities for wheelchair bound individuals. With these wheelchairs you can enjoy the beach, rocky trails, grassy areas and even venture into the lake or ocean. Mobility on the beach and by the poolside is now made trouble-free with our assortment of specialized pool and beach wheelchairs. These chairs possess special features incorporated to enable smooth movement on sand, soil, snow and other soft areas. The frame of beach wheelchairs is constructed with corrosion resistant materials and the tires are designed to provide extra stability. With these wheelchairs you can access different terrains like beach, sand, swimming area, mountain etc. where standard wheelchairs fail to perform. These wheelchairs have a transportable and lightweight design that the user can carry along with ease. Beach wheelchairs are designed with balloon style wheels that provide stability, manoeuvrability and can easily travel over a multitude of surfaces. The non-corrosive frames can withstand different kinds of weather.


Check out our fabulous collection and pick your favourite wheelchair that delivers both quality and performance. Buy Pool and Beach Wheelchairs from top manufacturers including Aqua Creek Products, Beach Wheelchair, and Healthline Medical.


How to Buy an All Terrain Wheelchair?

While selecting beach wheelchairs you must look for the following features:

  • Reclining backrests, folding footrests, swing away armrests padded seating, seat belts and parking brakes are some of the features you must look for while selecting the appropriate wheelchair.
  • Non-corrosive frame and wheel bearings
  • Baloon style tires that are oversized for to provide extra stability and prevention from tipping over when travelling over slippery or uneven surfaces.
  • Some models are equipped with swivelling rear tires for greater manoeuvrability.
  • The fabric used for seat and back upholstery must be quick drying, mildew and bacteria resistant so that the user stays dry and comfortable.
  • On board umbrellas, drink holders, sliding footrests, storage bags, and fishing pole holders are some other add on features to look for.
  • A wheelchair that easily dismantles for storage can be a good choice.