Mobility Ramps & Lifts

Wheelchair Ramps and Lifts help minimize mobility limitations at home and in the surroundings. They provide users with access solutions that require very little space and have the ability to overcome height obstructions. Whether you need a vehicle transfer solution for your automobile, a vertical platform lift for your home, or a safe entry and exit for your home, wheelchair lifts and ramps will meet all your accessibility needs. At Shop Wheelchair, we offer a wide variety of lifts and ramps for wheelchair users from top-selling manufacturers like Harmar Mobility, Safepath, Roll-a-ramp, EZ-access, and many more @ attractive prices!

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Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are inclined planes that are installed to overcome height obstructions in and around your house. They are used in addition to or instead of stairs. Wheelchair access ramps allow wheelchair users and people pushing carts, strollers, or other wheeled objects, to easily access a building. They offer both permanent and portable solutions as per specific user requirements. Many wheelchair ramps are ultra-lightweight and have carrying handles for easy transport.

Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts, also known as vertical platform lifts or just platform lifts, are used to raise a wheelchair and its occupant across a step or similar vertical barrier. They are fully powered and can be used in both private and public areas to overcome height obstructions. They can also be used with vehicles to carry a wheelchair or mobility scooter with you when you travel. As wheelchair lifts occupy lesser space than ramps, they are more preferable in populated areas and cities.