Patient Lift Slings

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A whole line of slings to be used with patient lifts. We have all types of products designed for patients who are totally dependent, partially dependent, non-weight bearing, very heavy, with limited head control and with limited neck support. We have items for use during transfer to and from the commode as well as multi-purpose, general slings. There are slings with or without head support, with or without commode opening and are available in different fabric type like polyester, nylon, net, spacer (combination of net and foam), etc.


Types of Patient Lift Slings :

  • U-Slings: U-Sling has an open bottom design which is ideal for toileting, bathing, and any transfer from one surface to another. It offers quick-fit sizing.
  • Full Body Commode Slings: Full Body Commode Slings are designed especially for toileting, dressing and undressing resident/patients.
  • Full Body Hammock Slings: A full body sling is for patients who require full body support. These 4- and 6-Point Slings are available in both Mesh and Padded Fabrics, with or without head support, with several sizes to choose from.
  • Stand-up slings: Stand-up slings are for use with stand-up style patient lifts. These slings are ideal for commode transfers.


Where to buy the best Slings for Patient Lifts Online?

Browse our wide selection of patient lift slings that are durable and versatile. Get slings from established manufacturers like Invacare, Joerns , Bestcare,  drive medical etc. at best prices and attractive discounts.