Clarke Dolomite Futura Extra Tall Four Wheel Walker

Clarke Dolomite Futura Extra Tall Four Wheel Walker

Brand/Manufacturer: CLARKE HEALTH CARE
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  • Latex Free

Clarke Dolomite FuturaTall Four Wheel Walker is designed to accommodate persons taller than 6 feet 2-inches who need walking assistance. FuturaTall has a welded steel frame in charcoal black color and brake handles with wide flange and loops for better hand positioning. Walker also includes basket with bail handle and large 8" wheels roll smoothly over indoor or outdoor surfaces. The seat flips up for more room to walk and on the rear wheel has a red curb climber for assistance when lifting the front of walker.

Why choose Dolomite FuturaTall UpWalkers?

  • Tallest walker on the market
  • Removable basket
  • Comfortable foam grips
  • Adjustable back strap
  • 8" indoor-outdoor tires
  • Seat handle release to fold walker


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Clarke Dolomite Futura Tall Walker Features

  • Magnetic seat latch secures against accidental closure
  • Seat handle release to fold
  • Flip-up seat for greater reach
  • Foam covered handles for comfortable grip
  • 8” indoor-outdoor wheels
  • Removable basket with carry handle
  • Flexible and adjustable back strap
  • Red curb climber on rear wheel for assist when lifting front of upright walker


Construction of Dolomite Walker


Dolomite Futura Upright UpWalkers Frame:

  • The strongest frames on the market, Dolomite welds the steel frames for greater durability no weak mechanical joints.
  • FuturaTall comes in a sophisticated Black-Grey color.
  • The frame folds for storage and transportation.
  • Handles are infinitely adjustable within a six-inch range.
  • FuturaTall has a 330 lb. capacity.
  • Flip-up seat gives greater walking clearance

Clarke UpWalkers Braking

  • Dolomite patented braking system has adjustable tension for varied hand strength.
  • Brake handles have a wide flange and large loops for hand positioning.
  • A stainless steel brake located within the fork gives you years of service. Push downward to set a parking brake while seated.
  • Accessory slow down brakes provide additional tension on the wheels for hilly terrain or for assistance while gait training


What to buy with Dolomite Futura Tall Walker


How to use Clarke Dolomite Futura Walker?


For walking position

  • Hold the rollator in the push handles, press downwards on the push handles when you have all four wheels on the ground, alt. press the seat downwards.
  • A clear sound indicates the correct position.

Folding the Rollator

  • Lift up/loosen the safety latch
  • Lift the handles in order to fold the walker into folded position

Adjusting the handle height

  • For adjustment; Loosen the wring, adjust the handle to suitable height and tighten the wring properly.
  • When standing behind the walker with flat shoulders adjust handles to be at the same height as the users wrists.
  • Therapist may suggest different heights depending on specific need of the client.
  • If the user unconsciously tends to adjust the height adjustment handles, for safety reason the handles should be tightened with a socket head wrench.

Adjustment of the Braking effect

  • For desirable braking strength, adjust the brake wire with suitable tools (not included).
  • The wire can be adjusted in two places - above under the brake handle or below above the brake clamp.
  • The brake handle must be in neutral position. Loosen the locking nut and turn the hexagon nipple counter clockwise in order to increase the braking effect. 
  • The distance between the brake clamp and the wheel should be 2 mm. Tighten the locking nut again to fixate the new adjstment.
  • Check the braking effect by engaging the parking brake and check that the wheel cant rotate.

Using the handbrake

  • Pull both brakes upwards to brake.

Using the Parking Brake

  • Press down carefully for parking brake.
  • A clear sound is heard when the brake is placed in correct position.
  • Always place both brakes in parking position.
  • Pull upwards to loosen the brake

Clarke Dolomite Futura Extra Tall 4-Wheel Walker User Manual
Clarke Dolomite Futura Brochure



How to care and maintain Dolomite Futura UpWalkers?

To ensure good performance and safety you should regularly check that the following is carried out



  • Clean the rollator with solvent-free household cleaner. Keep the wheels clean
  • Ensure that screws and adjustments are properly tightened
  • Immediately contact the nearest dealer if a fault should appear
  • Never use a defective walker. Do not attempt repairs yourself
  • Verify brake operation. If brake adjustment is required, see section 3.6 in the user manual
  • If hand grips are loose Do not use the rollator. Change hand grips according to the service instructions which can be obtained from your Invacare representative
  • Periodically inspect the castors tightness, wear and damage
  • Make sure that the wheels are free of hair, lint and other debris


After Use Disposal

When the product can no longer be used, it and its accessories, as well as the packaging material, should be sorted in the correct way. The individual parts can be separated and handled according to the list specification



Product Life Cycle

The expected product life cycle of this product is 5 years when used in accordance with safety instructions, maintenance intervals and correct use, stated in this manual. The effective product life cycle can vary according to frequency and intensity of use.




  • We supply a 2 year guarantee from the date of delivery.
  • Damage caused by wear to items such as wheels, handles and brakes is not covered by the guarantee.
  • Damage that arises due to abnormal use is excluded.
  • Damage caused by users who weigh more than 150 kg (Futura).



ParticularsFutura Tall Walker
Product Weight25 lbs
Outside Packaging39" x 12" x 25"
Primary MaterialSteel
Weight Capacity330 lbs
Width Between Arms/Handles16.75"
Seat Width14"
Seat Depth7"
Height Seat to Floor27.5"
Dimensions (Folded)44.25" x 25.5" x 12.5"

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