Drive Duet Transport Chair and Rollator

Drive Duet Transport Chair and Rollator

Brand/Manufacturer: DRIVE MEDICAL
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  • FSA Approved

Drive Duet Transport Chair and Rollator combines the features of a transport chair and rollator in one unit. An individual can ambulate independently or be pushed safely by a caregiver. The tool-free two-position contoured padded back rest is reversible depending on whether one is using the Duet in an ambulatory or transport chair mode. Comes with a comfortable padded seat with a large under-seat pouch for storage of personal items. The folding frame has a lock-out feature which ensures that the unit stays open while in use and remains folded during transport.

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Drive Duet Rollator and Transport Chair Features

  • Drive Duet Transport Chair and Rollator has large 8" casters which are ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy release loop locks
  • Inside the pouch is a handle to aid with the folding
  • Locking flip up armrests and a flip down footrest to aid the user while the Duet is used in the transport chair mode
  • Safety lock release is used to store the arms and a velcro strap is used to store the footrest while using the Duet for ambulation
  • Handles are adjustable in height, with self-threading knob

Drive Duet Transport Chair and Rollator Manual

What to buy with Duet Rollator Transport Chair?


Assembly Instructions of Drive Duet Rollator with 8" Casters


  • Do not attempt to adjust or operate the Duet without carefully reading all instructions in this manual
  • Remove all contents from carton: backrest, handle with tube, Rollator frame, wheels and pouch
  • Open frame and slide padded backrest into frame brackets making sure snap buttons protrude through holes
  • Unscrew tightening knob from handle and insert handle tube into frame at desired height lining up holes appropriately. Slide bolts through holes from the outside and tighten knob until secure
  • Lay rollator on floor so seat is facing the floor and unfold the legs. Straighten the legs until the side hinges lock into place
  • Attach pouch by securing snap buttons around frame

Safety Precautions

  • Please make sure the Duet is fully opened, seat is down and the folding bar under seat is locked in the down position
  • Be sure that both knobs are fully tightened and are at equal heights. Test Duet for stability before applying full weight to hand grips
  • Test the loop locks before operating the Duet. When wheels are locked (see illustrations for locking and releasing locks below), lock bar on rear wheels should prevent wheels from turning. If the wheels turn while locked, please take unit back to dealer for adjustment. When locks are released, the wheels should turn freely.
  • Always lock loop locks before sitting and do not use seat when unit is on an incline or uneven ground.
  • Replace tires when significantly worn or damaged.
  • Before entering or leaving the chair, engage the dual wheel locks against the tire on both rear wheels. Make sure the front casters are in the forward position before transferring into or out of the chair.
  • Leaning forward while using the Duet as a transport chair with out proper assistance can cause tipping.

Loop Lock Operation

  • Always engage and disengage wheel locks on both sides simultaneously.
  • When standing in a stationary position the user must pull up on the loop lock handle to hold the rear wheels in place.
  • To Temporarily Lock Wheels in Position - Press down on both loop locks with palms until the user hears a CLICK that will tell the wheels are locked.
  • To Release Wheel Locks - Pull up on both loop locks with palms of the hand to the original position.
  • Note: The user and the attendant should consult a qualified professional for the correct techniques on ramp negotiations.
  •  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Specifications of Drive Duet Transport Chair and Rollator

Particulars Dimensions
Overall Width (open) 25.5"
Overall Height 37"
Seat to Floor Height 21"
Handle Height Range 31.5" to 37"
Back Height 35"
Seat Width 13.5"
Seat Depth 13"
Overall Length with Riggings 26"
Product Weight 20lb
Weight Capacity 300lb


Limited Lifetime warranty

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