Drive Poly-Fly Lightweight Transport Chair Wheelchair

Drive Poly-Fly Lightweight Transport Chair Wheelchair

Brand/Manufacturer: DRIVE MEDICAL
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  • FSA Approved

Drive Poly-Fly Lightweight Transport Chair Wheelchair can be used as a standard, self-propelled wheelchair or as a transport chair, all-in-one. The quick release 24" wheels can be easily removed to transition from a wheelchair to a transport chair. Drive polyfly also comes with two sets of aluminum wheel locks, one for use with the wheelchair and one for use with transport chair, for added safety. The deluxe back release folds down the backrest for easy and convenient storage and transportation.

Drive Poly-Fly Lightweight Transport Chair Highlights:

  • Fold down back 
  • High strength 
  • Light weight 
  • Nylon upholstery 
  • 8" casters
  • Aluminum frame

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Features Of Polyfly Lightweight Wheelchair

  • Drive poly fly wheelchair comes with 8" casters 
  • All aluminum frame 
  • Can be used as standard self propelled wheelchair or a transport chair all in one 
  • Comes standard with swing away foot rests with composite footplates and heel loops 
  • Poly fly wheelchair comes with anti-tippers 
  • Drive poly fly comes with two sets of brakes: One for use with wheelchair, one for use with transport chair 
  • Easily converts from a transport chair to a self propelled wheelchair 
  • Fold down back 
  • Drive wheelchair has high strength and is lightweight 
  • Nylon upholstery 
  • Quick release 24" wheels can be removed to transition self propelled chair to a transport chair

Drive Poly-Fly Chair User Manual
Poly-Fly Lightweight Transport Chair Parts description

What to buy with Poly-Fly Transport Chair?

How To Use Drive Poly-Fly Lightweight Transport Chair?

  1. To Open the chair, tilt to one sides and push down on seat rails.

  2. Lift back support to upright position. The lock to secure the back will engage automatically. To fold down and store, pull up on locks simultaneously, and carefully fold down the back support.

  3. To attach footrests, align the holes on the footrest arm with the pegs on the frame of the Transport chair.

  4. To Adjust the length of the footrests, loosen the bolt (or knob) on the telescoping tube shaft. Tighten securely after adjustment. The lowest part of the footrest should not be less than 2 1/2 inches from the ground to permit proper clearance.

  5. To remove the Swing-away footrest, release the lock. Swing outward and rearward. Simply lift up and off to remove the footrest.

  6. To transition to self propelled chair, lift rear of Poly-fly chair, depress quick release push button on 24” wheel and slide into top axle as shown. Rear 8” casters are to remain on chair

How to Maintain Drive Poly-Fly Lightweight Wheelchair?

  • Proper care and maintenance is important to keep your Wheelchair in good working condition.
  • Clean the Wheelchair upholstery with a mild soap solution, rinse and wipe dry. Worn or torn upholstery should be replaced promptly as it may not support your body weight.
  • The metal parts of the chair should be polished once a month with an auto wax.
  • At least once a week, wipe off chrome using a clean soft cloth. If the chair is exposed to moisture, dry the chair immediately.
  • Inspect the wheels at least once a month. Correct any side play by loosening the lock nut on the axle, then tighten the axle just enough to remove side play.
  • Solid rubber tires require limited upkeep, but need to be cleaned periodically with a damp cloth.
  • Solid rubber tires need to be replaced if they become cracked or severely worn.
  • Be sure that your transport chair is in proper working condition at all times.

Precautions to take while using Poly-Fly Transport Chair

  • Before entering or leaving the chair, engage the dual wheel locks against the tires on both rear wheels.
  • Do not move forward on the seat while leaning forward out of the chair. If it is absolutely necessary to do so, make sure the front casters are in the forward position.
  • Make sure the front casters are in the forward position before transferring into or out of the chair.
  • Do not step on the footplates when transferring, as this could cause tipping
  • If you are picking an object up from the floor, go past the object, and then go backwards. The casters will then swing to the forward position.
  • Leaning out of the transport chair without proper assistance could cause tipping.

Note: The Poly-fly wheelchair/transport chair does not conform to Federal Standards for automobile seating and should not be used as a seat in a motor vehicle.

Specification Of Polyfly Wheelchair

Overall Width (open)23.5"24.5"25.5"
Overall Width (close)12"12"13"
Overall Height37"37"39.5"
Seat to Floor Height19.5"19.5"19.5"
Back Height16"16"16"
Seat Width
Seat Depth
Overall Length with Riggings42"42"41"
Product Weight33 lbs34 lbs36 lbs
Product Weight Capacity250 lbs250 lbs250 lbs

Poly-Fly Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

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