Evac Chair 300H Standard Evacuation Chair
Evac Chair 300H Standard Evacuation Chair

Evac Chair 300H Standard Evacuation Chair

Brand/Manufacturer: EVAC CHAIR
  • FSA Approved
  • Made in USA

Evac Chair 300H Standard Evacuation Chair allows evacuation of less mobile persons in emergency situations down a flight of stairs. It is intuitive so anyone can use it, even without training or instruction.

Evac+Chair 300H Highlights:

  • Dual position seating
  • One person operation
  • 400lbs weight capacity
  • Lightweight, about 19 lbs
  • Safe and easy to open
  • Locking rear wheels

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Evac Chair 300h Mk4 Includes

  • Vinyl Dust Cover 
  • Mounting Wall Bracket 
  • Photo Luminescent Indicator Sign 
  • Full-Color User Guide 
  • Instructional DVD

Evac Chair 300h Features

Ease of Deployment:

Preparation of the Evac Chair for operational use is fast and simple with no tricky release mechanisms to trap finger or hand of the operator. Operator is not expected to balance the chair with one hand while releasing skids, buckles or straps when the chair is occupied.


Weight is a major factor, especially if the evacuation equipment is located in various parts of the building and must be brought to the passenger, or simply removed from its securing location. Evac Chair 300H Standard Evacuation Chair is lightweight, weighing only 19 lbs.

Ease of Use:

Evac Chair 300H is designed to facilitate ease of transfer. It is stable, open on both sides and provide safety at all times to person of reduced mobility who may require assistance. This Rescue Chair is intuitive so anyone can use it, even without training or instruction. There are neither any complicated add-ons to break nor gimmicky features to snag or fail. This tracked chair with unique self-braking system simply works, effectively, easily and save lives.


Evac Chair 300H provides a good turning circle and no extra physical exertion is needed to get around difficult landings and corners.

Speed of Descent:

Evac Chair 300H Standard Evacuation Chair can comfortably achieve two flights of stairs in 15 seconds, or four floors in 1 minute, without blocking the stairs for other users.

Controlled Speed:

Most of the evacuation chairs depend on a rotating belt drive mechanism to span two or more stair nosings. Using coefficient of friction, the greater the weight of the passenger the greater is the friction. The smooth operation with controlled speed of Evac Chair is due to the interface of specially modified wheel belts which continuously work to slow down descend over stair nosings in proportion to the weight of the passenger.


Evac Chair 300H Rescue Chair has an easy fold-out two wheel trolley which allows for flat surface stability.

Restraints and Comfort:

Head, chest and thigh restraints are provided by Evac Chair 300H. In emergency situations, the passenger may not be conscious or have control. The chest restraint cups the body securely and the rider is strapped into the chair. The sliding head restraint and padded back allow for passenger comfort.

Dual Position Seating:

Dual position seat allows the user to decide each time which seating position they desire. It provides optimal comfort and safety.
  • Flat Seat with zipped side panels and over thigh quick release passenger restraint.
  • Hammock seat, simply release zipped side panels, fasten together on the underside, retaining use of over thigh quick release passenger restraint.

Dual Position Seating of Evac Chair  Dual Position Seating of Evac Chair


The frame of the Evac Chair is constructed from texture blue polyester coated tube with a yellow seat constructed from top flame retardant material. Wall-mounting hooks, dust covers and photo-luminescence signage is supplied as standard. It is the complete life-saving stairway escape solution for people with reduced mobility.

Indications For Using Evac Chair MK-4

Evac Chair is indicated for blind, asomatic, deaf, injured, elderly, infants, pregnant, arthritic, epileptic, angina and those with reduced mobility. These are just some of the people who might be in distress in an emergency or disaster situation such as power failures, terrorist attack, false alarms or disasters such as fire, flood or earthquake.

How To Operate Evac Chair 300H?

Setting Up Evac Chair:

  • While standing behind the Evac Chair, hold it upright and rest one foot on top of the blue base frame crossbar to steady the chair
  • Using both hands, pull the handle upwards until the shoulder clips have clicked into place
  • Head restraint should not slide down the handle
  • While still standing behind the chair, undo the seat belt to release the skis
  • Pull these skis towards you to open the seat and push the seat part way downwards into position
  • Finally, pull up the seat frame against the ski to ensure it is in position

For Traveling Short Distances:

  • You must remain in position behind the Evac Chair using both uprights of the handle to hold it firmly
  • Place one foot on the front wheel axle or on the bottom bar as your occupant transfers into the Evac Chair seated position
  • Depending on the condition of the occupant further assistance may be required with the transfer
  • Seatbelt must now be fastened and the head restraint may be used to assist with airway management if required
  • From the transfer position, remove your foot from the front wheel axle until the Evac Chair move backward and the front wheel comes into contact with the ground
  • Evac Chair will now balance between the bar of the frame and the front wheels
  • From the balance position, tip the chair off further seven centimeters backward that is about three inches and you will be able to move forward in the two-wheel position
  • This is the position to use for traveling short distances such as when turning and crossing still landings during descent

For Use On Level Ground:

  • Evac Chair should be used in the four-wheel position like a wheelchair
  • To achieve the four-wheel position start from the vertical upright position, place one foot on the trolley assembly just over the yellow sticker and pull back sharply to unclip the trolley assembly
  • As you remove your foot, the trolley assembly will automatically open
  • You may then lower the chair gently onto its wheels

For Stairway Descent:

  • Close the trolley assembly in an appropriate area of safety by placing the Evac Chair in a vertically upright position with the bottom bar of the frame on the ground
  • Place your foot on the yellow sticker and push the trolley assembly forward until it clicks back into place
  • Tilt the chair back into the two-wheel position and move forward to approximately 30 centimeters from the top of the stairs
  • Positioned at the inside edge, with one foot in front of the other and slightly apart, tilt the chair a little further back and push confidently over the top of the stairs
  • At all times stay near the inside edge of the stairs and make certain the skis make contact with the top two stair nosings
  • Never let go of the Evac Chair
  • Pause briefly and reposition your hands by sliding them upwards from the vertical position at each side of the handle onto the handles horizontal top crossbar
  • When descending, press downwards in a vertical direction for a smooth safe ride and move forward at the same smooth pace as the back chair
  • There should be no bumping action


6 months warranty

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
Can this also be used easily to back up stairs
George - 8/5/2015 4:02:09 PM
answer image
The EVAC+CHAIR, model 300H can only be used for going down the stairs. It is not able to go up stairs.
Customer Service - 8/6/2015 11:41:23 AM
question image
I am thinking about using  the chair for my 90 mom,vison problems and had 2 broken hips, her stairwell is narrow,old house would that be an issue, and do you sell any used/refurbished ?
peter - 7/7/2015 6:21:48 PM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. 

Tracked chair with unique self braking system, easy to use one person operation, this chair would be suitable per your requirements. You may try this and if not found suitable, can return as per our return policy. But we sell only new/unused items.
Customer Service - 7/8/2015 12:37:49 AM
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