Kaye Suspension Conversion Kits Without Harness for Posture Control Walkers

Kaye Suspension Conversion Kits Without Harness for Posture Control Walkers

Brand/Manufacturer: KAYE PRODUCTS, INC.
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Kaye Suspension Conversion Kits Without Harness for Posture Control Walkers attaches to existing B-series posture control walkers and allows these walkers to function as partial weight-bearing or suspension walkers. The walkers can fold with the suspension kits attached to facilitate storage and transportation.


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Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
SC1 For W1/2B and W1B Walker Series Each $8.25
SC2 For W2B Walker Series Each $8.25
SC3 For W3B Walker Series Each $8.45
SC4 For W4B Walker Series Each $8.45


  • Easily removable to allow the posture walkers to be used independently.
  • Available in 4 sizes, for toddlers through smaller adults.
  • Four harness sizes are available but sold separately.
  • The narrower width of these units allows greater maneuverability indoors, but in order to fit over a treadmill, it will be necessary to place the walker on the Treadmill Width Adapter.


How to use Kaye Suspension Conversion Kits Without Harness for Posture Control Walkers?

The Kaye Suspension Kit Walkers Accessory for Posture Control Walker is designed as a reverse or posterior walker. The user faces away from the rear bars and towards the open end of the walker. These walkers are designed to facilitate postural alignment, balance, and components of gait through the following means (as compared to traditional, forward walkers):

  • The support behind the user encourages a more upright posture.
  • The handgrips beside the user encourage improved upper extremity position.
  • The centering of the user within the walker and over his own feet encourages balance development.
  • The rear horizontal bars encourage the user to step forward as he moves the walker forward.
  • Pulling the walker helps eliminate the abnormal two-footed stance when a user must stop and move the walker further to their front.


How to adjust the parts of Kaye Posture Control Walkers?

Folding and unfolding Kaye Posture Walker

  1. To unfold the walker, pull the handgrips away from the rest of the frame, and the walker should begin to unfold. Continue to unfold the frame until the latch pushpins extend and lock.
  2. To fold the walker, face it from the open-end, depress the latch pushpins, tilt the walker so that it rests on its rear legs only, and push the front legs towards the rear legs.

Assembling Posture Walkers

Some walkers are shipped with the legs removed. Install the legs as follows:

  1. The front legs have wheels that rotate in both directions. Install the front leg with the orange sticker into the front, left side of the frame. Install the other front leg into the front, right side of the frame.
  2. Install the rear legs with tips so that the bend points the tip towards the front of the walker.
  3. The rear legs with wheels have wheels that rotate in only one direction. Install the rear leg with the orange sticker into the rear, left side of the frame. Install the other rear leg into the rear, right side of the frame.

Height Adjustment of Posture Control Walkers

Adjust the walker's height so that the top rear bar is aligned with the middle of the user's buttocks. To do this, press the pushpin on each leg and slide the leg up or down as needed. After installing or adjusting the legs, always check the following:

  1. All four extensions must be adjusted to the same height.
  2. The pushpins must protrude fully from the adjustment holes.
  3. The wheels should face towards the outside of the walker.
  4. If you have rear legs with tips, the bend should point the tip towards the front of the walker.
  5. If you have swivel front wheels, the plates should be parallel with the ground and protrude from the walker.
  6. If you have rear wheels, the locking mechanism on the rear wheels should prevent the walker from rolling backward.


How to care and maintain the Suspension Conversion Kit for Posture Control Walkers?

  • Inspect the walker regularly.
  • Tighten the nuts and bolts as necessary.
  • If a product needs service or spare parts, contact Kaye Products, Inc. or the dealer you purchased the item.
  • If a problem is discovered that may impact the product's function, immediately cease use and contact Kaye Products, Inc.
  • The wheels and crutch tips will wear and should be replaced as needed.
  • The ratchet or brake mechanisms on the rear wheels will wear and should be replaced, as needed, to maintain the rear braking feature. Dirt, trash, or ice build-up on the ratchet mechanisms may prevent them from functioning.
  • If your walker has rear wheels with silent, one-way bearings, care should be taken to avoid exposing these bearings to salt or saltwater.
  • Use water and, if needed, soap to clean the walker.
  • Avoid any undue stress to the walker while using, storing, or transporting it.


  • Not for the elderly.
  • Each time you unfold or adjust the walker, ensure that pushpins fully extend from their corresponding holes.
  • Do not use with broken or missing parts.
  • Do not use on stairs, steep slopes, or steep ramps.
  • Do not exceed the size and weight limits.
  • Please do not alter the product or use it in any way other than described herein.
  • Never leave a child unattended.
  • Always use qualified supervision.



Model Number Fits Kaye Posture Control Walker Models Weight Limit
SC1 W1/2B, W1/2BR(X), W1/2BS(X), W1/2BH, W1/2BHR(X), W1/2BHS(X), W1B, W1BR(X), W1BS(X), W1BH, W1BHR(X), W1BHS(X) 60lb (27kg)
SC2 W2B, W2BR(X), W2BS(X) 85lb (38kg)
SC3 W3B, W3BR(X), W3BS(X) 130lb (59kg)
SC4 W4B, W4BR(X), W4BS(X) 180lb (82kg)


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