Merry Motivator Seated Rolling Walker
Merry Motivator Seated Rolling Walker

Merry Motivator Seated Rolling Walker

  • FSA Approved
  • Made in USA

Merry Motivator Seated Rolling Walker is to be used by any person who is unable to get from sit to stand and would require the assist of two people in order to walk. It replaces the use of geriatric chairs and recliners by offering to people the chance to foot pedal across the floor from a safe rolling walker. It has a narrow seat so that the persons buttocks will not overhang the rear of the device, in case of pressure ulcer involvement. The person is able to administer self-rehabilitation from the seated position to foot pedal across the floor rebuilding lower leg muscles, while pulling against the front cross arm, which will assist in rebuilding upper body strength.

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411100 Motivator Each $1399.99 $1165.99


  • Merry Motivator Seated Rolling Walker is height adjustable as the frame top chair is connected to the U-shaped bottom with a non-rotating pneumatic lift
  • 4 rotating twin wheel casters, 2 lock and 2 non-lock casters for ease of movement across the floor
  • Constructed from black tubular steel, not plastic PVC
  • Pneumatic lift under seat is for height adjustments
  • Narrow cushioned seat is washable
  • Side pouch, back and front Vee belt is washable
  • Vee belt is attached to secure seating position
  • Non-tip U-shaped base
  • Black powder is coated to assist in identifying space and is washable
  • Front cross bar swings away so person can be placed at table for eating and activities
  • Benefits
    - Rebuilds lower and upper body strength
    - Exercise will increase appetite
    - Retards the possibility of joint contractures and edema through exercise
    - Provides self-rehabilitation and independence
    - Aids in functional restoration as geriatric chairs and recliners offer no restoration therapy
  • Also Available (Separately): 
    Merry Motivator Seated Rolling Walker Replacement Accessories (Code : 811111)

More Information

  • Benefits from Utilizing The Merry Motivator:
    To assist in restorative care and return to a level of functional mobility
    - To decrease pressure on coccyx, thus decreasing probability of further pressure ulcer involvement
    - To return to end user independent mobility from a seated position
    - To reverse muscle atrophy of upper and lower leg muscles
    - Assist in reversing edema by increasing muscle and blood flow
    - To decrease agitation by giving end user freedom to move independently
    - To build and return upper body strength
    - To increase awareness level by self-mobilization
    - To increase social interaction through free movement instead of stationary placement in geri-chair or recliner
    - To increase appetite by increasing physical activity
    - To increase appropriate sleep patterns by utilizing energy build-up
    - To encourage self-ambulation, from a seated position to a standing position through encouraging use of lower legs
    - To return dignity and respect to all end users through mobility
    - To reduce the need for psychotrophic medications through self-mobility
    - To reduce boredom by returning to end-user a meaningful activity such as self-mobility
    - To reduce staff assistance in ambulating all residents every two hours (as mandated) by allowing end user self-mobility
    - To reduce joint contractures in ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow, and shoulder by providing means for self-administered range of motion exercise
    - To place resident in the least restrictive device that encourages free independent movement
    - To assist in returning resident to a higher level of functional mobility
    - To increase awareness level for resident and surrounding environs
    - To decrease learned dependency, and encourage independence
    - To return residents to a more contented existence, thus reducing stress on staff members who must work with confused and agitated residents


Bottom Width27"
Bottom Length29"
Height of Front to Floor (with pneumatic lift down)33"
Height of Back to Floor (with pneumatic lift down)44"
Seat Dimensions8" x 18.5"
Parallel Side Rails Length13.5"
Fabric Back16" x 26"
Top of Seat to Floor Height (with pneumatic lift down)18"
Top of Seat to Floor Height (with pneumatic lift up)24"
Front Back Gate Width16"
Side Pouch Width x Length8" x 13"
Overall Width26"
Number of Wheels4
Weight Capacity250 lbs


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