Roll-A-Ramp 30-Inch Wide Portable Ramp
Roll-A-Ramp 30-Inch Wide Portable Ramp

Roll-A-Ramp 30-Inch Wide Portable Ramp

Brand/Manufacturer: ROLL-A-RAMP
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  • Made in USA

Roll-A-Ramp 30-Inch Wide Portable Ramp is the most portable, versatile ramp which is great for use as a wheelchair ramp and scooter ramp for users who want an option to expensive chair lifts, permanent ramps or conversion vans. It has patented unique design construction, allowing to change the length with simple tools provided with ramp by simply adding additional links.

If custom length required other than below options please feel free to contact us.

Item #DescPkgPrice 
A13002A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 3ft L x 30"W Each $422.45 $277.85
A13003A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 4ft L x 30"W Each $524.55 $357.83
A13004A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 5ft L x 30"W Each $648.55 $443.46
A13005A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 6ft L x 30"W Each $750.45 $527.99
A13006A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 7ft L x 30"W Each $969.99 $677.85
A13007A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 8ft L x 30"W Each $999.35 $702.45
A13008A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 9ft L x 30"W Each $1109.60 $792.95
A13010A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 11ft L x 30"W Each $1291.75 $883.45
A13009A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 10ft L x 30"W Each $1243.25 $889.99
A13011A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 12ft L x 30"W Each $1395.25 $967.85
A13012A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 13ft L x 30"W Each $1563.75 $1087.89
A13013A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 14ft L x 30"W Each $1701.55 $1191.75
A13014A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 15ft L x 30"W Each $1880.55 $1299.90
A13015A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 16ft L x 30"W Each $2019.75 $1389.90
A13016A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 17ft L x 30"W Each $2157.55 $1499.90
A13017A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 18ft L x 30"W Each $2298.55 $1599.90
A13018A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 19ft L x 30"W Each $2445.99 $1699.90
A13019A19 Roll-A-Ramp, 20ft L x 30"W Each $2609.99 $1799.90



Product CodeWeight CapacityWeight
A13002A191000 lbs.16 lbs.
A13003A191000 lbs.21 lbs.
A13004A191000 lbs.26 lbs.
A13005A191000 lbs.31 lbs.
A13006A191000 lbs.36 lbs.
A13007A191000 lbs.41 lbs.
A13008A191000 lbs.46 lbs.
A13009A19875 lbs.51 lbs.
A13010A19800 lbs.56 lbs.
A13011A191000 lbs.61 lbs.
A13012A191000 lbs.66 lbs.
A13013A191000 lbs.71 lbs.
A13014A191000 lbs.76 lbs.
A13015A191000 lbs.81 lbs.
A13016A191000 lbs.86 lbs.
A13017A191000 lbs.91 lbs.
A13018A191000 lbs.96 lbs.
A13019A191000 lbs.101 lbs.


Full 10-Year warranty on ramps

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