SafePath Three-Sided EntryLevel Landing Ramp - 1 Inch Height

SafePath Three-Sided EntryLevel Landing Ramp - 1 Inch Height

Brand/Manufacturer: SAFEPATH PRODUCTS
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  • Made in USA

SafePath Three-Sided EntryLevel Landing Ramp - 1 Inch Height provide a safe, flat area where wheelchair users can remain stable and open a door. Great for making the building entrance ADA compliant, the threshold landing has a slip-resistant surface with a sloped end (threshold ramp) for an easy transition through the doorway. Using EntryLevel Landings also alleviates the hassle of schedule changes and detouring walk-in traffic due to extended concrete cure times.

Why to buy SafePath EntryLevel Landing Ramp?

  • Slip resistant, durable and UV stable
  • Comes pre-assembled and dry-fitted
  • Designed for immediate and simple installation
  • No saw-cutting, no jackhammer necessary
  • ADA Compliant
  • Has no load weight limitations
  • Made in the USA
  • Made of 100% Recycled rubber

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SafePath Three-Sided Landing Ramp Features

  • Prefabricated for quick and easy installation and are available in many heights, dimensions and colors
  • In many commercial and public main entrances, it is required that there is a level maneuverable clearance area.
  • Typically, the landing can be installed and used within 24 hours or less
  • Designed to ensure a perfect fit every time, alleviating the hassle of schedule changes and detouring walking traffic due to extended concrete cure times
  • Prefabrication process allows for the strike-side clearance which is necessary for compliance with access building code laws and regulations
  • EntryLevel Landings are available with ramped access from a single-side to a three-sided "path-of-travel" approach
  • Landings offer the only sensible solution for accessible door modification projects
  • Made from 100% green sustainable materials

StoneCap Color Coating Technology

  • SafePath Products has developed exclusive StoneCap Color Coating technology for the application of rubber and composite materials that provides one of the most slip-resistant, color stable surfaces ever offered for the recycled rubber and composite plastic industry
  • StoneCap Color Coatings are specifically designed for durability and attractiveness that other rubber color technology can only attempt to accomplish Designed for the harshest conditions, StoneCap Color Coatings are available in multiple color sets

Where to Use EntryLevel Landing Ramps?

  • Commercial
    - Commercial entrances are compliant in minutes Available in various heights, for almost any door configuration.
  • Residential
    - Residential landings are often required where entrances do not allow for running lengths of ramp and where maneuverability at the entrance is required.
  • Transit
    - Transportation facilities including bus stations and subway entrances require access adjacent to the approach area that includes a detectable warning built into the landing area.
  • Schools
    - Classroom entrances are easily made accessible with EntryLevel Landing products that can pick cross slope up to 4% Easily and quickly installed making compliance fast, affordable and attractive.
  • Multi-family
    - Multi-family residences often require interior and exterior access modification that is quick and affordable Whether new or retro-fit construction there are various product options available for this need.
  • Stadiums
    - EntryLevel Landings are durable while providing safe, soundless slip resistant access to expansive facilities that experience heavy traffic.

SafePath User Manuals

SafePath EntryLevel Landing Ramp Instruction Manual
SafePath EntryLevel Landing Ramp User Manual
SafePath EntryLevel Landing Ramp User Guide

How to Choose the Right EntryLevel Landing?

  • Start off by determining the height of the threshold. Make sure to measure at three locations: the hinge side of the door, the strike-side and the very center of the door. These will often be the same height, however, if there are varying degrees of slope, use the height of the lowest point of the three locations (shim-stock is available to "build-up" the Landing where necessary).
  • Determine the type of Landing and approach your application requires. There are three basic types of Landing configurations: one-sided, two-sided and three-sided approaches. Three-sided Landings are the most popular variety as they allow for three sides of approach into the facility. There are instances where structural impediments exist such as walls, planters or curbing where Two-sided Landings and One-sided Landings can be an option.
  • Now that the height has been determined, next you will specify the overall square footage (in feet or inches) of the maneuverable level surface.

SafePath EntryLevel Landing Ramp

How to Install SafePath Entry level landing Ramps?

  • It is imperative that your substrate is clean and free of debris before beginning installation. A clean, dry substrate ensures maximum adhesion.
  • Dry fit the product by placing it flush against the threshold.
  • Use painters tape to outline the ramp.
  • EZ Edge Threshold Ramp Installation

  • Remove ramp.
  • Generously apply adhesive. For best results, apply with a caulking gun, then use a notched cement/grout hand trowel to spread evenly.
  • EZ Edge Threshold Ramp Installation

  • Replace ramp onto adhesive surface.
  • Apply pressure to each ramp piece directly after it is put into place with adhesive.
  • After all ramp pieces are in place with adhesive, carefully remove painters tape.
  • Excess adhesive can be cleaned from the substrate or product by applying acetone or paint thinner.
    Note: Excess adhesive will stain clothing, shoes and carpet - immediately clean any excess.

  • Do not use a power circular saw to cut ramp.
  • Use of any electrical, battery, or pneumatic powered circular saw may result in serious injury due to unexpected binding, grabbing, or pinching of ramp material.

SafePath Ramp Warranty

SafePath Products warrants that EntryLevel Landing products will be free of any defect of material or workmanship for a period of (10) ten years from date of purchase. Coated surfaces are warranted against fading and peeling, and delaminating in interior applications for (1) one year from the date of purchase.

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