Stanzme Supine Stander Package

Stanzme Supine Stander Package

Brand/Manufacturer: StanzMe
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Stanzme Supine Stander is a versatile, easy to adjust option for children who have low muscle tone and poor head control. This stander provides maximum support for upright weight-bearing and helps stand where prone standing is not appropriate. The child is always positioned at the lowest possible height regardless of their size and the stander “grows” up with the child.

Stanzme Supine Stander - (Small/Large) Package Includes

  1. Stander Frame
  2. Tray
  3. Padded Chest Board
  4. Lateral Trunk Supports (Pair)
  5. Lateral Hip Supports (Pair)
  6. Adjustable Pelvic Support Pad
  7. Lateral Knee Supports (Pair)
  8. Shoe Holder
  9. Two 2 Inch Velcro Straps

5 Reasons to Buy Stanzme Supine Stander

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust
  • Positioning
  • Serves Standing needs
  • Safe and reliable

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Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
SSS-6000S Stanzme Supine Stander Package - Small (For 1 To 5 Years) Each $39.00
SSS-6000L Stanzme Supine Stander Package - Large (For 7 To 12 Years) Each $42.00

Stanzme Supine Stander - Features

  • Improves range of motion and reduce the risk of contractures
  • Promotes vital organ capacity including pulmonary, bowel and bladder functions 
  • Promotes bone health
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces abnormal muscle tone and spasticity
  • Reduces the occurrence of skeletal deformities
  • Provides psychosocial opportunity for better quality of life
  • Available in two sizes to accommodate children up to 14 years of age
  • Stanzme Supine Stander User Manual

Stanzme Supine Stander Accessories Features

  • Tray
    - The tray is both height and angle adjustable, holds a communication device or other activity material. To adjust the height, loosen the knobs on square center bar of the stander and raise or lower the whole tray assembly to the desired height. To adjust the angle, loose the knob on square center bar of the tray assembly to change the incline of the tray.
  • Lateral Trunk Support
    - Pads offer comfort while improving balance and posture and stabilizes the sitting posture.
  • Flat Headrest with Laterals
  • Shoe Holder Feet can be maintained in a secure and stable position using the shoe holders.
  • Two 2" Velcro Straps
    - Provided for trunk and hip supports to position the child in place securely.
  • Lateral Hip Support
    - The lateral support pads offer comfort while improving balance and posture and stabilizes the sitting posture.
  • Lateral Knee Supports
    - Adjustable for height and width. Can be used inside or outside the knee.
  • Chest Harness
    - Anterior chest harness will provide support for trunk for the child to allow for shoulder protraction and maintaining head, neck and trunk from anterior flexion while the stander and tray can be adjusted to height and angle for gross surface area for arm support to optimize upper body alignment and support.

Reasons to Buy Stanzme Supine Stander Explained

  • Easy To Use
    - Stanzme standers are designed to be easy to use and compact, while providing a comfortable and safe vertical position for children
  • Easy To Adjust
    - The adjustments in Stanzme standers are smooth, via a simple application of the pneumatic piston and adjustable knobs for the various anatomical supports
  • Positioning
    - The child is always low to the ground and the stander can be adjusted using the tilt piston. The standers are adjustable to fit to child’s height, and comes with a tray for upper trunk and arm support
  • Serves Standing Needs
    - Special Needs Standers are designed for weight bearing and standing needs
  • Safe and Reliable
    - Stanzme standers provide independence, safety and reliability to individuals with mild to severe disabilities

Stanzme Supine Stander Measurement Guide

  • A Knee height (floor to mid knee)
  • B Hip height (floor to top of hip)
  • C Elbow height (floor to bent elbow)
  • D Axilla height (floor to armpit)
  • E Shoulder height (floor to top of shoulder)
  • F Overall height (floor to top of head) (Key Measurement)
  • G Hip width (widest location)
  • H Trunk width (widest location)

Stanzme Supine Stander  Measurement Guide

How to Fit and Adjust Stanzme Supine Stander?

  • Angle Adjustment
    - The angle of the supine stander is adjustable from fully upright (90°) to horizontal. The fully reclined position is typically used for positioning a child in the stander so that all supports and straps can be adjusted and secured without having to fight gravity. Once the child is positioned the stander can be raised up to the desired angle. The stander’s angle is controlled by the pneumatic paddle pump on the rear. Press the paddle and the stander can be easily moved to the desired angle.
  • Height Adjustment
    - The height of the supine stander is adjusted by removing or adding pieces on the supine board. Loosen the screws and raise the entire supine board assembly to the desired height. Relocate the trunk and hip pads as desired. The most typical configuration for the stander is to set the height of the main backboard so the top is level with or just below the child’s shoulder height. The headrest would then extend above the back.
  • Tray Adjustment
    - The tray is adjustable for both height and angle. Height is adjusted by loosening the screws on the rear spine of the frame. Angle is adjusted by loosening the ratchet handles under the tray.

How to Use and Care for Stanzme Supine Stander?

  • Use
    - The Supine stander is designed to provide the child with ability to experience weight bearing in an upright or supine leaning position while the combination of adjustments and supports hold the child in good postural alignment. Never leave a child unattended.
  • Care
    - Regular inspections should be done to check for loose or missing hardware or any signs of cracked or broken parts. All components may be cleaned with mild soapy water or non-abrasive commercial cleaner approved for use on metal and wood. Care should be taken to not use excessive amounts of water and wood parts should be wiped dry after cleaning.

Stanzme Supine Stander Specifications

Particulars Model Small (SSS-6000S) Model Large (SSS-6000L)
User Age 1-5 years 7-12 years
User Height(approximate) 33" - 55" 53" - 65"
Footrest dimensions 22"W x 12"D/56cm x 32cm 25"W x 16"D/64cm x 40cm
Base-width x length(fully extended) 22" x 42"/55cm x 105cm 29.5" x 45.5"/75cm x 116cm
Footrest to top of supine back 33.5" x 55"/85cm x 140cm 53" x 59"/135cm x 150cm
Tray size 17" x 24"/44cm x 61cm 19" x 28"/48cm x 70cm
Range to Supine in Degrees 180 degrees to 90 degrees 180 degrees to 90 degrees


  • The product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of One year to the original purchaser.
  • Should any part break or fail, manufacturer will repair or replace it at no charge to the original owner, except for Pneumatic tilt Piston or if there is abuse on use by the client or caregiver.
  • Manufacturer will not warrant parts damaged by improper installation and/or repair on the part of the individual owner, or normal wear and tear.
  • Manufacturer does not warrant parts damaged by neglect, accident or misuse, nor parts altered or serviced by an agency not authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Any labor cost for service under warranty is not covered as per our terms of sale. 
  • Standard manufacturer terms and conditions are applicable for warranty of this product.

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