Comfort Company Ascent Wheelchair Cushion
Comfort Company Ascent Wheelchair Cushion

Comfort Company Ascent Wheelchair Cushion

Brand/Manufacturer: THE COMFORT COMPANY
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Comfort Company Ascent Wheelchair Cushion features tapered leg adductors which increase in width near the back of the cushion to give support to the greater trochanters. The viscool foam insert provides extra protection for ischial areas while pelvic, lateral, and medial thigh supports promote postural alignment. Its layered high resiliency foams, with an EVA foam bottom layer, create a soft and durable seating surface.

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Item #DescPkgPrice 
AC-GF-1616 16"W x 16"L Each $180.60 $119.47
AC-GF-1618 16"W x 18"L Each $180.60 $119.47
AC-GF-1620 16"W x 20"L Each $180.60 $119.47
AC-GF-1816 18"W x 16"L Each $180.60 $119.47
AC-GF-1818 18"W x 18"L Each $180.60 $119.47
AC-GF-1820 18"W x 20"L Each $180.60 $119.47
AC-GF-2016 20"W x 16"L Each $180.60 $119.47
AC-GF-2018 20"W x 18"L Each $180.60 $119.47
AC-GF-2020 20"W x 20"L Each $180.60 $119.47
AC-GF-2216 22"W x 16"L Each $220.60 $160.85
AC-GF-2218 22"W x 18"L Each $220.60 $160.85
AC-GF-2220 22"W x 20"L Each $220.60 $160.85
AC-GF-2416 24"W x 16"L Each $220.60 $160.85
AC-GF-2418 24"W x 18"L Each $220.60 $160.85
AC-GF-2420 24"W x 20"L Each $220.60 $160.85

Comfort Company Ascent Cushion Features

  • Non-skid bottom fabric that offers hook and loop attachments
  • Viscool foams unique cell structure allows for protective immersion of the ischial tuberosities
  • Visco foam contours to the users body, promoting maximum skin protection
  • Reflective piping to promote safety and protect the wheelchair user
  • Reflective piping has the ability to return a large portion of light directly back to the source it came from, allowing it to be seen from up to 500 feet away in low light conditions
  • Comfort-Tek Fabric:
    • Designed for infection control and as an incontinence barrier, this polyurethane material has a smooth and extremely soft top layer with a high-stretch polyester backing
    • Easily cleaned surface using most common disinfectants
    • Latex-free
  • Comfort Ascent Cushion Manual

What to buy with Comfort Company Cushion?

How to Use Ascent Cushion?

  • Cushion should be stored as an assembly. Do not store in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Only store in a clean and dry place at room temperature. 
  • Do not allow exposure of wheelchair cushion to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. This could age the cushion more rapidly and decrease its effectiveness. 
  • Prolonged exposure of foam components to any type of light causes discoloration. The foam is still usable if this happens; discoloration is purely cosmetic. 
  • Do not store where there is risk of open flame or spark.

Cover Washing Instructions:
  • All Comfort Company covers, should be washed on cold or warm cycle using any common laundry detergents. Once cover has been washed, please hang dry damp cover.
  • If the cover cannot be removed: Spray and wipe with any household or commercial disinfectant, cleaner, or anti bacterial spray. It is recommended that any cleaners, or disinfectant be wiped away with a “water only” damp cloth afterwards.

Ascent Foam Cushion Specification

OptionsFrontRearAbductorLeg ThroughWeight Capacity
16 x 163"2.75"3.5"2.5"250lbs
16 x 183"2.75"3.5"2.5"250lbs
16 x 203"2.75"3.5"2.5"250lbs
18 x 163"2.75"3.5"2.5"300lbs
18 x 183"2.75"3.5"2.5"300lbs
18 x 203"2.75"3.5"2.5"300lbs
20 x 163"2.75"3.5"2.5"350lbs
20 x 183"2.75"3.5"2.5"350lbs
20 x 203"2.75"3.5"2.5"350lbs
22 x 163"2.75"3.5"2.5"400lbs
22 x 183"2.75"3.5"2.5"400lbs
22 x 203"2.75"3.5"2.5"400lbs
24 x 163"2.75"3.5"2.5"400lbs
24 x 183"2.75"3.5"2.5"400lbs
24 x 203"2.75"3.5"2.5"400lbs

Seat Thickness4"
Inferior Thigh Support Thickness3"
Medial Thigh Support Thickness1"
Lateral Thigh Support Height1"
Pelvic Contour Height0.5"

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