Vipamat Hippocampe All Terrain Beach Wheelchair

Vipamat Hippocampe All Terrain Beach Wheelchair

Brand/Manufacturer: VIPAMAT
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  • FSA Approved

The Hippocampe is a leisure wheelchair that goes with you year-round for your open-air Activities. All-terrain, it goes over sand, pebbles, hiking trails. It floats on water and slides over snow. With its double rear wheels you can self propell. Another person may use the push bar to push you. It disassembles quickly, so it is easily transported, you can take it everywhere with you (car, plane, boat...). It fits in perfectly with the leisure and vacation universe.

4 Reasons to choose Vipamat Hippocampe

  • No-maintenance
  • NF, CE and FDA approved
  • Foldaway and compact
  • Rustproof

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What does Vipamat Wheelchair Include?

  • Frame
  • Push bar
  • Dual wheels


Customize your Vipamat Hippocampe with


  • Adjustable, swiveling armrests: They are retractable and will not hinder the process of moving to your usual wheelchair. Users can move the chair without assistance
  • Multi-position headrest: Forward and back adjustment and rotation possible - It adapts to the user’s size and position
  • Neoprene harness: Flexible. Comfortable. Water resistant Position and hold assistance for greater comfort.
  • Parking brakes: Handy option for keeping the wheelchair still while the person is being moved
  • Stabilo seat: Stabilo is a seat of stable positioning with the capability to be easily shaped in any desired form and create to maintain it.
  • Safety nets: Adapt between the seat and the armrests or the footrest: protect hands and feet.
  • Waist belt: Enables to optimize the user’s support and body posture into the seat and, in this way to avoid the body from sliding forward.
  • Front ski kit: Clipped under the wheelchair’s front wheel, it facilitates your walks on the snow, adapts to the relief and prevents snow pack.
  • Transport bag and backrest bag: Transport bag enables to carry the disassembled Hippocampe wheelchair, to store it, to put it away, or even to protect it. With the backrest bag, you can bring all your swimming equipment or personal items with you wherever you go, during your walks, bathing.


What to buy with All Terrain Beach Wheelchair



Why choose Hippocampe Mobility Wheelchair?

  • Comfortable:
    • The seat is composed of a thick and hydrophobic foam that does not absorb water and dries quickly
    • The blue and pink sheathed tubes are comfortable to the touch and do not heat up in the sun
  • Revolutionary:
    • Its first goal is to make the beach and water-related activities accessible
    • It allows users to enter in water and it floats on its own while its user swims
  • Design and adaptable:
    • Its youthful look and modern silhouette make it user ideal companion
    • It is just at usable on the beach as on the snow, and can be transformed into a ski chair with its front and rear ski kits (as an option)
  • Lightweight, collapsible, and easily transportable:
    • Its small size, fold-down backrest, removable push bar and wheels (in less than a minute) and its weight of 17 kg (37.5 lb.) make it easily transportable and convenient to store in home or in its transport bag (as an option).
  • The removable push bar:
    • Push bar can be easily taken off and installed thanks to its clip system and enables to companions to help users in their movements.


What is Hippocampe wheelchairs made of?


  • The tube frame is made of treated seawater aluminum and is covered by a comfortable colored cladding which avoids sun and cold burns.
  • The axles and half-axles of wheels are made of stainless steel. Dual wheels are without ball-bearing, avoiding the jamming by oxidization. The outer rim is covered by a grip that serves as handrail for users.
  • The seat (property of Vipamat) consists of 3 cm thick, water-repellent plastic foam, which guarantees a comfortable sitting feeling and quick drying of the user. Skin problems are avoided.


When Hippocampe All Terrain Beach Mobility Wheelchair can be used?


  • Hippocampe Beach and All-terrain
  • Forest hiking, snow walks, beach access. Hippocampe Beach and All-terrain Wheelchair helps you to access to nautical activites and adaptive sports.
  • A snow wheelchair
  • Hippocampe turns into ski wheelchair to go for walks on the snowy path with the front ski kit and the back ski set. Each ski can pivot separately, allowing the wheelchair to adapt to slopes.
  • Wheelchair for pool
  • Thanks to its stainless materials, Hippocampe Beach and All-terrain can be used as handicap pool chair for private pool.
  • Water and nautical sports
  • Thanks to its immersion in water, the beach wheelchair allows access to adapted physical activity and nautical sports as handicap water ski, handisurf.
  • All-terrain wheelchair
  • Vipamat all-terrain wheelchair provides access to the beach, to lakes et to swimming. Walk along the shore, go through the puddle, roll on the sand, and share some good moments with your family and friends.
  • Wheelchair hiking
  • Take some steep paths, go for walks on forest or take the country roas with the Vipamat Hippocampe Beach wheelchair.


Vipamat Hippocampe All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair Specification

Particulars Small Medium Large X-Large 
Max User Height 55 Inches 55 - 67 Inches 67 Inches - 73 Inches 73 Inches
Weight 37 lbs 37 lbs 37 lbs 37 lbs
Weight Capacity 286 lbs 286 lbs 286 lbs 286 lbs
Total Length 67 Inch 71 Inch 75 Inch 80 Inch
Total Length Folded 45.5 Inch 49.5 Inch 53.5 Inch 58.5 Inch
Total Height 40.5 Inch 40.5 Inch 40.5 Inch 40.5 Inch
Total Width 27 Inch 27 Inch 27 Inch 27 Inch
Seat Length - Feet 28.5 Inch 32 Inch 36 Inch 41.5 Inch
Seat Depth 14.5 Inch 14.5 Inch 14.5 Inch 14.5 Inch
Seat Back Height 14.5 - 18.5 Inch 14.5 - 18.5 Inch 14.5 - 18.5 Inch 14.5 - 18.5 Inch
Seat Height from Ground 13.5 Inch 13.5 Inch 13.5 Inch 13.5 Inch
Seat Width 15.5 Inch 15.5 Inch 15.5 Inch 15.5 Inch
Width - Interior w/o Armrests 19.5 Inch 19.5 Inch 19.5 Inch 19.5 Inch
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months


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