About Us

Finding the right mobility aid symbolizes finding independence all over again. Shop Wheelchair is your go to place for the search for a perfect solution to your daily mobility challenges. 

Choosing the right wheelchair type is important for the elderly and patients because the wheelchair is a symbol of freedom and forms an essential part of their support system. But with so many choices out there, the search can be overwhelming. Especially for the first-time user who is bewildered and confused because for him it is a big change. And changes are hard to deal with.

Shop Wheelchair was created with one goal in mind… to make wheelchair buying a pleasure. No one likes depending on a wheelchair to move around but the right wheelchair can help you overcome the frustration and despair you feel within. We believe you can easily adapt to this new way of moving about.

We want you to buy the mobility aid which will help you get on with life instead of giving up on life. Ours is not a mere wheelchair store but a wheelchair support store which not only offers you the product but also customizes it for you so that you can adapt quickly and move on.

Shop Wheelchair’s mission is to simplify your search and take care of all your explicit needs. So if you are not sure what size would be right for you, check out our Measuring Guide section for assistance. The Comparison Chart would also be a good way to understand the correct product for you. 

Still confused? Then call our toll free number 844-490-2625 and speak with our customer care persons. All your queries will be answered and, if needed, we will also provide you help with placing an order. Alternately, you can write with your queries to Customer Service.

You can pay for your shopping with credit card or check. You can write out your checks to HPFY Stores and mail to below address

HPFY Stores

14 Fairfield Dr

Brookfield, CT 06804

We assure you top quality products at attractive, discounted prices!