Choosing the Right Cane - 4 Types of Canes

People who are suffering from a leg injury, recovering from a surgery or are in old age prefer canes which are reliable and sturdy. Here is the guide to know different kinds of canes available and their uses.

Choosing the Right Cane - 4 Types of Canes

Standard Canes

Standard Canes are the most basic type of canes which are used for walking and balancing. These walking sticks have an adjustable height for better control. Many standard canes have a rubber or foam covering on the handle for good hand grip and have a rubber tip on the bottom for strong grip on the floor. For example, McKesson Aluminum Standard Cane provides a convenient and lightweight mobility solution for those who experience weakness, pain or mild balance issues while walking. It is made up of sturdy, extruded aluminum to support users up to 300 pounds and has an attractive, scratch-resistant chrome finish. Its round handle with vinyl grip provides comfort and accommodates small hands.

Choosing the Right Cane - 4 Types of CanesQuad Canes

Quad canes perform the same work as the standard cane, i.e., providing support but they come with four feet to offer a wider base for better stability than single point canes. If people are searching for something that is more than a cane but does not need a walker, quad canes will be the most suitable option. For example, Days Lightweight Aluminum Quad Cane is made with innovative technology and designed to provide maximum comfort. Ideal for those who are independent enough to use one-hand walking aids but still need the four-point stability that quad canes provide. These quad canes offer a lower center of gravity for increased stability and balance. Its soft grip derby handle reduces pressure on the wrist.

Choosing the Right Cane - 4 Types of CanesFolding Canes

Folding canes are great for travel and everyday use. They are compact and fold up easily for storage in restricted place. They are made with up of reliable and lightweight metal. The elastic cord inside folding cane allows dissembling quickly and easily. For example, Drive Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Cane folds into four convenient parts for easy storage. It has an attractive wood handle with brass collar. The premium grade wood handle is contoured to increase hand comfort and provide safety. It comes with plastic holster carry case. It is manufactured with sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing. Handle height adjusts in one-inch increments from 33 inches to 37 inches. It has a weight capacity of 300lb.

Choosing the Right Cane - 4 Types of CanesBariatric Canes

Bariatric Canes are the special canes constructed completely from steel with safety-lock and push-button for improved safety. They have dual tubing for better strength and safety. For example, Medline Bariatric Offset Handle Cane is constructed from steel with solid brass and double push button adjustment for extra stability. Its single point design gives additional balance support and weight-bearing capabilities. It is secured with a locking ring for added safety with comfortable, black, PVC handgrip. It comes with dual tubing insert for added strength and safety.

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