4 Best Chair Exercises for Elderly People

As soon as one crosses the age of 60, they must start taking extra care of their health. After 60 the body doesn’t exactly function in the same way as it did before. It needs more care and attention. It frequently starts aching and takes longer than usual to recover from certain diseases. Following a regular exercising schedule can reduce the risk of diseases to a great extent. Routine exercise helps prevent diseases, promotes good health and prolongs healthy life.

People with limitations, who cannot do active and heavy exercises, can do a lot of other exercises even while sitting on the chair.

Upper Body Exercise in Chair

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Abdominal Exercise in Chair

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Seated Leg Lift

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Ankle Circles

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If the repetitions (reps.) are too many to begin with, then you can choose do less reps. and reach till 12 per exercise. These exercises will improve your circulation and overall mobility.

It is possible to overcome challenges of exercising with limited mobility by adopting a creative approach, setting up goals and motivating yourself with a positive attitude. Please note- It is vital to get medical clearance from your doctor or physical therapist before embarking on the exercising schedule.


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