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Hospital Bed sheets are designed to fit the unique shapes and sizes of hospital beds. They make a perfect place for comfort and rest. Browse from our range of fitted bottom sheets, top sheets, pillow cases, and other hospital bed supplies to keep your hospital mattresses in good condition. Our fitted sheets for hospital beds come in sizes that can accommodate any standard hospital bed. Choose from medical linen from top manufacturers like Medline, Essential Medical, Gotcha Covered and many more.


Types of Medical Linens Available:

  • Drape Sheets: Also known as half sheets or draw sheets these sheets can be used as a patient cover or to transport patients from one bed to another. Try Medline Muslin Draw Sheets for best results.
  • Flat Sheets: These are large flat bed sheets that are designed to fit a standard hospital bed. Medline Disposable Flat Bed Sheets is the ideal solution to protect and guard against incontinence and spills.
  • Fitted Sheets: These are sized to fit most healthcare mattresses. Fitted sheets are best for gurney-type beds used in surgery centers or hospitals, as well as smaller massage tables and stretcher tables. Peelaways Disposable Fitted Sheets are a great way to maintain hygiene without any hassle.
  • Pillowcases: Designed to accommodate most standard sized medical pillows, they keep the medical pillows fitted and minimize wear and tear.
  • Blankets: They are sized for hospital beds and provide warmth to patients. They re made of soft pliable materials for extra comfort. Medline Equinox Thermal Blankets provide a soft cover and warmth when it is needed the most.