Center Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs | Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chairs

Having difficulty maneuvering through tight spaces? Try our Center Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs. These chairs are amongst the most maneuvrable types on our list. They can literally turn on the center like a top requiring the least turning space possible. These chairs are highly intuitive to operate and require very less maneuvering than mid wheel drives when tested in compact spaces. Mid wheel drive power wheelchairs offer a range of about 25 miles per charge. They come with a low or high back as per the needs of the user. Center wheel drive power wheelchairs were initially designed to be used indoors but many models now come with larger wheels to be used indoors or outdoors.

We carry durable mid wheel drive chairs from top manufacturers including Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility who offer elite chairs to fulfil all your wishes.


Features of Center Wheel Drive Chairs:

  1. Excellent maneuvrability indoors: Mid Wheel Drive wheelchairs turn effortlessly even into the smallest of spaces inside so that you can reach every corner of your house without much effort. 
  2. Mid wheel drive wheelchairs handle the terrain with traction and stability when used outdoors. They feature large drive wheels, 10 to 14 inches in diameter and the obstacle-climbing suspension allows them to climb 1" to 2" curbs and thresholds safely. 
  3. Center wheel drive power chairs render speeds up to 6.5 mph and a battery range of up to 25 miles.
  4. Plush padding, recline mechanism and flip up armrests adorn the seat of these chairs. Captain’s seat come in high or low back design (high back up to the neck and low back below the shoulder).
  5. High back seat variant also offers an option for headrest and manual recline so that you can adjust the level of recline according to your comfort and relax in your chair itself reducing the need for frequent transfers.
  6. Mid wheel drive wheelchair seat is designed to fold forward for ease of transportation.
  7. You can also opt for a pressure management cushion seat.
  8. Some center-wheel drive wheelchair models feature a foot platform, swing-away, or elevating legrests for supporting your feet optimally.
  9. Mid wheel drive wheelchairs require a vehicle lift for transportation in case you need to. 
  10. A wheelchair with mid wheel drive tends to be very intuitive for people who have previously been ambulatory, as they drive much like the way you walk.
  11. The six wheels provide excellent stability and a sense of security to the user while driving. 
  12. Mid wheel drive wheelchairs offer great performance across a side slope as the drive wheel lies in the middle of the power base.
  13. Enhanced speed motors, chair tracking technology, larger casters and electronic devices are some additional features that manufacturers offer.