Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Foam Wheelchair Cushions are typically contoured for positioning the seated user and providing adequate support and comfort. They redistribute the seating weight equally and promote air circulation, thereby lowering the risk of developing pressure sores. Wheelchair foam seat cushions help people with long-term sitting issues by promoting correct seating posture. Some of them are made of high density foam that does not crack or crumble. These cushions conform to the natural contours of the body and enhance comfort. At Shop Wheelchair, we offer a wide range of foam wheelchair cushions from top-selling brands like Skil Care, The Comfort Company, Patterson Medical, Medline Industries, etc.

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Tips To Choose The Right Foam Wheelchair Cushion

  • All-foam cushions for wheelchairs work good for people with a low risk of developing pressure ulcers. 

  • For people with a high risk of skin breakdown or who are already living with pressure ulcers, a foam wheelchair cushion with a gel insert can be used. 

  • Cushions with a coccyx cutout can be chosen to take pressure off the tailbone and prevent pressure buildup on the lower spine. 

  • Wedge-shaped cushion can be chosen to prevent forward leaning and slumping that can lead to spine curvature. 

  • Size of the seat cushion should match exactly to the size of the wheelchair seat. 

  • Remember that the height of the seat cushion will add to the seat-to-floor height of the wheelchair. 

  • If there are chances that the foam cushion will be exposed to fluids, use water resistant cushion covers or incontinence underpads on the seat. 

  • Inspect the cushion on the regular basis for damaged foam or degraded materials.