Folding Ultralight Wheelchair


Who needs a folding ultralight wheelchair?

Folding Frame Ultra lightweight Wheelchair is the best selection for those who need:

  • A folding, advanced, lightweight, compact wheelchair that can be transported with or without the rear wheels attached
  • A wheelchair with excellent adjustability and adaptability, in terms of long-term changing conditions and needs
  • An easy to propel mobility aid that performs great both indoors and outdoors
  • A tailored wheelchair to fit the curves of your body

Features of Folding Ultralight Wheelchairs:

  • For users with changing needs or for those who require a portable option, folding frames collapse for easy transport and they are highly adjustable, ultra lightweight, and offer our broadest range of options.
  • Folding-frame ultra-lightweight wheelchairs fold compactly for storage in the trunk of automobiles and behind the front seats of larger sedans for independent drivers.
  • Swing-away footrests are typical front frame riggings on a folding wheelchair frame.
  • A fixed front-end with a flip-up footplate is an option on many folding models which make a more rigid, responsive wheelchair.
  • Ultra lightweight folding wheelchairs offer higher adjustability and add on options than any other wheelchair variant, with features like a fully-adjustable wheelbase, seat-to-floor height, camber, centre-of-gravity and backrest height as standard.

Folding Ultralight Wheelchairs Characteristics:

  • Weight range starts from 16 lbs. to 29 lbs.
  • Frame folds compactly with quick-release rear wheels as standard
  • Extreme adjustability
  • Available with fixed or swing away front-ends
  • Available in 56+ seat sizes for a tailored fit
  • Large number of armrest, legrest, backrest, and other options and accessories

Choose from our extensive Folding Ultralight Wheelchair Collection to find a mobility aid that ideally fits your requirements.