Hospital & Home Care Beds

Hospital beds, in structure, are the same as regular beds, but their features and characteristics are specially designed and added to provide comfort and support to medical patients during hospitalization. Home care beds are the same in theory, but are used for home rehab and treatment. Both the medical beds have more or less the same features. They are usually made from composite material such as steel and plastic but are sometimes also made of wood. They are classified either on the basis of their mechanism or their usage. Hospital and home-care beds are an important part of patient care as a regular bed might not be suitable for people suffering from medical conditions, or for those who have undergone surgery. 

At Patient-Room we have a wide range of comfortable and strong hospital and home-care beds from top selling brands such as Invacare, Medline, Drive Medical, etc.

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Types of Hospital and home-care Beds Based on Mechanism

  • Manual Hospital and Home-care Bed - These beds can be adjusted easily by the caregiver. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and have a combination of levers to change the position of the patient
  • Semi-Electric Hospital and Home-care Bed - Semi-electric have a motor and battery back up that allows the head and foot rests to move easily with the push of a button. The rest of the bed can be adjusted using handles and cranks
  • Fully Electric Hospital and Home-care Bed - They run completely on electricity and are very expensive but luxurious. With the push of a button, you can change the position of the head and foot rests, the height of the bed, the alignment, and the inclination of the bed

Types of Hospital and home-care Beds Based on Usage

  • Curative Care Hospital and Home-care Beds - They are the most common types of hospital and home-care beds with standard features and mechanisms
  • Long Term Care Hospital and Home-care Beds - They are usually used for people who have been prescribed to be bedridden for a long time
  • Psychiatric Care Hospital and Home-care Beds - They are specially designed for people with psychiatric illnesses and substance addiction