Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs are designed for individuals who need a little help in getting up from a seated position. They often resemble standard reclining chairs, but also contain a strong lifting system in their base. This lifting mechanism raises the chair so that the user can safely rise to a standing position. The user can operate a power lift recliner chair by pushing buttons on a remote rather than operating it manually. Their stylish designs and colors easily blend in with different room decors. At Shop Wheelchair, we offer a wide range of power lift chairs from top selling brands like Golden, Pride, Med-Lift, Mor-Medical, and many more only @ Shop Wheelchair!

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Types of Medical Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are usually classified on the basis of their reclining capability.
  • Two-Position Lift Chairs - Two position lift chairs can recline up to an angle of 45 degrees and to any position in between. They also lift up to serve the intended purpose of putting the user in a standing position. The back and footrest of these chairs operate together - when one goes down the other comes up. These 2-position lift chairs are a great option for individuals who want to enjoy the reclining support of a recliner, but simultaneously need assistance while getting up from the chair.
  • Three-Position Lift Chairs - Three position lift chair recliners can recline a little more than two position chairs and to any position in between. They are almost flat and make a slight V angle between the backrest and the seat in a fully reclined position. Their back and footrests operate together - when the back reclines, the footrest rises. When required, they assist users in getting up from the chair. These 3-position lift chairs make a great choice for napping and relaxing activities.
  • Infinite-Position Lift Chairs - Infinite position lift chairs can recline to a complete horizontal position and to any position in between. Unlike the other two types, their footrest and backrest can be operated separately.
  • Zero-Gravity Lift Chairs - Zero gravity lift chairs are similar to infinite position lift chairs, but allow for some additional positions. They help in reducing lower back pressure by allowing users to put their thighs and lower legs above the torso level. They also help in achieving Trendelenburg position where the feet are elevated to a position higher than the head, for comfort and relaxation.

What to consider when buying Lift Chairs?

  • Height Rating - Height rating shows how high the lift chair will rise. It should always be in accordance with the height of the person who uses the chair. Weight Capacity - Weight of the user is also an important consideration. It should be in accordance with the weight capacity of the lift chair. Failing to do so can result in chair damage and might also hurt the patient.
  • Other Measurements and Dimensions - Other chair dimensions like seat width, seat depth, etc. should also be considered while buying a lift chair for safe and effective use.
  • Lift Chair Positions - This is the core consideration when purchasing a lift chair. Users can choose between two, three, and infinite position lift chairs as per their requirements.
  • Fabrics and Colors - Fabric and color can also be considered. It is always good to buy something that matches the room decor.