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Shopping for manual wheelchairs now made easy with the huge selection at our one-stop store for wheelchairs! Mobility Wheelchairs are available in various varieties that address the various conditions that the user may have. Our exclusive range accommodates high quality wheelchairs segregated into many different categories including lightweight wheelchair, standard wheelchair, transport wheelchair, bariatric wheelchair, rigid ultralight wheelchair, folding ultralight wheelchair and many others. You can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and usage.

A wheelchair is much more than just the looks. They come with markable differences just like any other consumer product. Wheelchairs exhibit many differences in the way they feel, fit, respond and what they enable the user to do. Users also differ in age, gender, body type, diagnosis, activities they want to do and places they want to go with their wheelchair. To cater to these varying requirements we bring wheelchairs that are designed keeping in mind the user’s needs and desires.

Manual wheelchairs are the ones that come without a battery to power it. These mobility wheelchairs can be propelled by the user (Self-propelled) or by an attendant (Attendant propelled). Self-propelled wheelchairs come with large rear wheels along with hand rims so that the user who has a good upper body function can independently propel it. Attendant propelled wheelchairs come with handles and hand brakes in order to control the chair. In order to select the one best suited for your needs you can make your decision depending upon the category, model, and price range in which the wheelchair falls.

Whether you are looking for a standard wheelchair or the sports kind, is the place where you will get value for your money. Wheelchairs from top manufacturers like Invacare, Drive, Karman Healthcare, Grahm Field, MGM International etc. are just clicks away… shop for all of these and more, at fabulous discounts!

Types of Manual Wheelchairs:

Lightweight Wheelchairs:

Lightweight wheelchairs make a great option for people with an active lifestyle. They possess a lightweight aluminium frame. Many lightweight manual wheelchairs are foldable and adjustable as well to cater to the specific needs of the wheelchair user. Folding wheelchairs are best to be used in compact spaces and fold compactly for storage. They are the best type of wheelchairs preferred by people who like travelling frequently. Drive Blue Streak Single Axle Wheelchair is a popular buy for lightweight wheelchair that offers added durability and safety to the user.

Standard Wheelchair:

Standard Manual wheelchairs are ideal for both short and long term use. They can be used as a self-propelled wheelchair or an attendant propelled wheelchair. Basically these wheelchairs are comfort and mobility combined with style. At we have standard wheelchairs from basic variety to the more complex varieties with detachable arms, dual cross bars, fixed full armrest and more.

Transport Wheelchairs:

Designed for mobility, Transport wheelchairs possess special features that allow them to be transported with ease. These wheelchairs are designed with frames that are collapsible and can be stored in compact spaces. Transport wheelchairs have armrests and footrests that flip away when a transfer is required. Transport manual wheelchairs can be taken along on small trips or on-board with ease. Transport wheelchairs which are excellent in quality and low in cost. Also known as transfer chairs, these wheelchairs have been designed to give comfort to both the patient and caregiver or companion. Cardinal Health Aluminum Lightweight Transport Chair is designed for quick and easy patient transport without cumbersome bulkiness of a wheelchair.

Bariatric Wheelchair:

Shop Wheelchairs has an exclusive collection of bariatric wheelchairs that will help you regain your mobility. The sturdy, durable and strong frame is designed to accommodate individuals who require an extra room in terms of height and weight. These heavy duty/bariatric wheelchairs are low maintenance and cost effective and combine long-term performance with reliability. Renowned brands like Tracer IV, Everest & Jennings and Lumex manufacture heavy duty manual wheelchairs that satisfy the needs of customers efficiently.

Where to buy Manual Wheelchairs online?

Shop more specialized manual wheelchairs including pediatric wheelchairs, rigid ultralight wheelchairs, folding ultralight wheelchairs, bathroom wheelchairs, recliner wheelchairs, Tilt In Space wheelchairs, and pool and beach wheelchairs at Browse our extensive range to select the design that best suits your needs from top manufacturers of the industry like Invacare Corporation, Drive Medical, Medline Industries, Karman Healthcare, Ita-med Co.