Pool Lifts



Pool Lifts are designed to transfer people with limited mobility or disabilities into a pool or spa. They are assistive lifting devices that are easy to use and allow affordable, aquatic access to everyone. Patient Room offers a selection of swimming pool lifts, both manually and electrically powered from known manufacture like Aqua Creek , Chattanooga , Joerns Healthcare Etc.


Advantages of pool lifts:

  • Aquatic therapy helps eliminate gravity and takes pressure off joints and muscles using the resistance of water.  
  • For people with disabilities exercise, cardiovascular training, gait improvement and other such activities are a bit difficult. Pool lifts provide an effective way to cope with it.
  • Aquatic exercise also reduces pain and muscle spasms and increases flexibility and blood flow since the gravitational forces on weight bearing joints are reduced.


Whom does Aquatic Therapy Benefit the most?

Aquatic therapy is advised for people with:

  • Arthritis /joint pain 
  • Chronic back pain and lumbar destabilization
  • Foot, ankle or knee pain
  • Need for injured tissue healing and strengthening
  • Need for improved flexibility
  • Need for enhanced cardiovascular stamina
  • Need for enhanced circulation