Power Chair

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Types of Power Wheelchairs:

Transportable Power Wheelchairs:

Transport power chairs offer mobility in a light package. It assembles quickly and allows for quick transfers in and out of the car’s trunk. They weigh less than 100 lbs., and have a compact size to get through narrow doorways and confined spaces. These are the most manageable power chairs to take along with you wherever you go.

Standing Power Wheelchairs:

Standing helps in eliminating unnecessary lifting and improve circulation, digestion, bone development, and pressure management. While standing has its own benefits, stand up wheelchairs enables you to stand up and reach for things with ease. These wheelchairs are light in weight and portable giving you an extra edge. A sense of freedom and control is rendered by these chairs that is especially important to those with physical limitations.

Center Wheel Drive Wheelchairs:

Stability and maneuverability is what our collection of Centre wheel drive power wheelchairs deliver. These power chairs have drive wheels directly below the user’s center of gravity. Well-known manufacturers have put in their experience and know-how into these chairs to come up with agility combined with style.

Rear Wheel Drive Wheelchairs:

These are high quality, value added power chairs which have been designed with rear wheel drive train to provide power and stability. They chairs are easy to drive. The controlling joystick can be mounted on either side according to the convenience of the user. The drive wheels, in these wheelchairs, are behind the user’s center of gravity. Products are available with diverse specifications to suit varying needs and requirements.

Front Wheel Drive Wheelchairs:

These wheelchairs have the drive wheels in the front of the user’s center of gravity. Front wheel drive wheelchairs offer high stability and provide a tight turning radius. Strong yet comfortable, these front wheel drive wheelchairs provide great maneuverability indoor and outdoors.