Rigid Ultralight Wheelchair

Active users often require wheelchairs that are durable and sturdy. Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs sere the purpose. These wheelchairs possess a rigid and modular frame that makes them fatigue resistant. Being very light in weight they can be taken anywhere the user likes without having to propel the bulk of regular wheelchairs. Products in this range are versatile in nature having something for everyone. The products in this range are multi-functional and multi-purpose for everyday usage or sports activities. The frame of rigid ultralight manual wheelchairs are designed with minimum moving parts. Being highly responsive, ultra lightweight and offering precise control, superb balance, and exceptional performance they act like an extension of you while in the field.

We have ultralight rigid wheelchairs from leading manufacturers like Karman Healthcare, and Invacare Corporation that make reliable wheelchairs keeping in mind the specific needs of the user.


Features of Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs:

  • The minimal non collapsing frame is designed to be as efficient to propel as possible. They are an ideal selection for full time active users or those who play a sport. These wheelchairs can be customized to fit the user’s requirements for enhanced performance.
  • The low weight of these wheelchair makes them less stressful on your shoulder joints and much easier to push than standard weight chairs. These chairs are stronger than the folding designs.
  • Since the frame of these wheelchairs is not foldable it can be difficult for transportation as id thought by many. Some rigid wheelchairs can be disassembled easily into compact packages for transport or storage. The minimal frame design (commonly called a monotube or Z-frame) and the folding back rest enhances the transportability of these chairs. Still it is not as easy to carry in the trunk of your car as other foldable designs.
  • For buying an appropriate wheelchair you must know in advance all the specifications that are required. Dimensions that are commonly required include seat width, seat depth, front seat height, rear seat height, backrest height, backrest angle, legrest length, legrest taper angle, front frame angle, and footplate width. Correct dimensions are vital.

Characteristics of Rigid Frame Ultralight Wheelchairs:

  1. Exceptionally easy and efficient to propel. Usually self-propelling
  2. Highly specific to the dimensions and specifications of the user
  3. Rigid ultralight wheelchairs contour to the user’s body for a sleek aesthetic 
  4. Tapered frame options
  5. An array of high-performance wheels, casters, and components for customization available
  6. Ultra-light weight, from 14 lbs. to 29 lbs., based on the selected model and configuration
  7. Folding backrest and Minimalist frames styles to facilitate transportability