Semi-Electric Bed Frame

The second most popular choice of bed frames, semi-electric bed frames are made for hospitals and homes alike. These hospital beds have a motor and battery back up that allows the head and foot rests to move easily with the push of a button. The rest of the home-care bed can be adjusted using handles and cranks. Though not as tedious as manual bed frames, the semi-electric bed requires some physical work to do. The handles and cranks helps change the shape of the bed and allow the bed to incline or recline. The backrest and footrest on the other hand are operated using a button via electricity. The semi-electric mechanism is recommended for people who want to be independent with activities like sitting up, which is possible by adjusting the backrest using a remote.

At Patient Room we have a wide range of semi-electric bed frames from top selling brands such as Invacare, Drive Medical, Graham-Field Health, etc.


Features of Semi-Electric Bed Frames

  • Have a sustainable motor and battery back up

  • Footrest and backrest can be controlled using a remote

  • The rest of the bed is operated using handles and cranks

  • Allows independent activities such as sitting up or lying down

  • Manual transmission for inclination and reclining