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Choose the wheelchair and related items which are most suitable to your condition. We have products for the frail and the elderly, wheelchairs/cushions/walkers, etc. for the bariatric, walkers for those who need limb support as well as mobility products for the little ones. All items in this section are top quality and made by leading names in the industry.

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Many patients in their day-to-day lives widely use mobility aids for several reasons. Some have to use mobility devices due to weak lower limbs. In contrast, others have endured spinal injury a while ago and thus have resorted to using mobility aids for walking and other activities. Shop Wheelchair takes pride in providing high-quality mobility devices for people with different medical conditions, including weak limbs, shoulders, poor upper body strength, and more.

List of Mobility Assistive Devices at Shop Wheelchair


Many times, bariatric patients require mobility aids to move. Bariatric mobility equipment helps people move around and stay independent despite their inability to walk naturally. These devices are carefully fashioned to suit the needs of obese people and handle their weight without risking their safety.


Products from this category are designed keeping in mind people who have very delicate and fragile skin. Many people complain that using wheelchairs for prolonged periods has caused pressure ulcers and skin damage.

Lifting Support

Depending on the chair, lift chairs have various positions. The four most common types of lifting support chairs include two-position, three-position, infinite-position, and zero-gravity. The infinite-position chairs enable the backrest and the footrest to operate independently so that an even greater variety of positions are reached with ease.

Limb Support

Arm support walkers and limb support rollators offer better gait, comfort, and posture support to those with weaker limbs. Shop Wheelchair has a wide range of Limb Support Aids from top manufacturers.

Pediatric Mobility

Pediatric mobility devices are designed to help kids walk properly, ensure independence, and self-esteem in children with special needs. Shop Wheelchair offers a variety of mobility aids, available to make mobility easier and safer for kids to develop faster and effectively.

Weather Protection

Climate change is inevitable but keeping yourself or your loved ones should not be. Weather protection aids from Shop Wheelchair offer utmost protection to wheelchair users. Place your order today!

Where can I buy Mobility Aids online?

Shop Wheelchair is your one-stop-shop for all your mobility solutions. Get all that you need and find the best deals on every purchase you make. Order today!

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