Tilt In Space Wheelchair


Benefits of Tilt In Space Manual Wheelchairs:

  • Pressure-relief: People suffering from diseases like cerebral palsy, muscle disorders and head and/or spinal cord injuries may not possess the strength or ability to change body position and relieve pressure build up. In order to prevent development of pressure ulcers theu must reposition once every 15 minutes. Tilt-in-space wheelchairs allow such users to change their position with or without the help of their care givers. They also help in redistributing pressure over a large surface area.
  • Shear-Reduction: In a reclining wheelchair pressure is transferred to the sacrum. This shear force can cause skin to break down quickly. It is proven that tilting the wheelchair by 20 degrees reduces shear force and a tilt of about 25 degrees eliminates shear.
  • Edema Management: For efficient management of edema the feet must be positioned above the level of the heart. A tilt in space wheelchair helps the patient achieve this with the help of tilt function and elevating leg rests.
  • Positioning: The tilt feature helps users with low body strength to stay in place preventing them from falling off the chair. It can also help in passively correcting scoliosis and kyphosis.
  • Stability/Balance: The fear of falling forward from sitting position can make the user agitated. Tilting enhances their sense of security and also ensures stability while going down the slope.
  • Endurance/Fatigue: When a patients need to hold themselves in an upright position for a long period of time they get tired after a short while. Tilt wheelchairs are designed to minimize fatigue and improves overall sitting tolerance and endurance. 
  • Back Pain: Slouching positions poses a greater pressure on the spine than the body’s natural position causing back pain. Tilt in space wheelchair can help in preventing back pain by keeping the back in the natural position. 
  • Comfort: For patients who remain in their wheelchair for most part of the day require comfortable seating. Tilt in space wheelchair provides for this requirement thereby helping in faster recovery and improvement in condition.

These wheelchairs are a great choice for people with skin breakdown issues or for those who spend a longer duration each day in their wheelchair. Select from a range of tilt-in space wheelchairs loaded with features now at best prices on Shop Wheelchairs.