Transport Wheelchair

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Some Common questions to ask while selecting a transport wheelchair:

What are the best uses of a Transport Wheelchair?

Transport wheelchairs are primarily used for short trips to the doctor, the mall, a restaurant or while on the go as they can be easily stored in compact spaces like in the trunk of a care or taken on board.

What must be considered when buying a transport chair?

The two most important things are: 

  • Weight of the chair: the lighter it is the more convenient it becomes to propel or to lift into a vehicle. The weight range of lightweight travel wheelchairs start form as low as 18 lbs. 

  • Size: Choosing the correct size wheelchair is important so that the user does not fall off in case of low body control.

How to choose the correct size wheelchair?

Transport chairs are avaulable in 3 Sizes:

  • Narrow: 17” wide seat ideal for users under 120 lbs. 

  • Medium: 19” wide seat ideal for users between 120 and 300 lbs. 

  • Wide: 22” wide seat or wider ideal for users over 300 lbs.

Are travel manual wheelchairs comfortable?

Transport wheelchairs are great if used for a shorter span. If a longer seating span is desirable like for more than two hours a day, it is recommended recommend that you sit on a wheelchair cushion and back cushion to increase your comfort. Are the leg rests removable?Yes, transport chairs are supplied with removable legrests, that hook on and hook off or flip away for easy transfers.

What are the other important features to be considered while buying a transport wheelchair?

  • Foot locking brakes on the rear wheels for control, some wheelchair models come with bicycle-style handbrakes instead. 

  • Armrests on transport chairs are usually fixed but some models have removable armrests making transfers in and out of the chair easier.

  • Seat belts to provide additional safety if the user lacks necessary body control.