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Choose from our complete series of walkers which are ideal for those looking for maximum mobility. Economically priced and with stress on quality, our range is wide and versatile with varying features and adjustments. Options include posture control walkers, two-button release, single release and dual release, speciality, folding, beach, knee and hemi walkers. Check out the walker which has been designed to aid in ascending and descending stairs. Also available a considerable assortment of walkers for the bariatric. You can select from a wide choice in height, width, depth, weight, material, size, color and more and take your pick according to your personal needs.

Types of Adult Walkers

  • Seated Walker:These Walkers come with a comfortable wide, seat and a back support for resting. The seat can be raised to step inside the walker frame. Some walkers also come with a utility basket for carrying your belongings like the Essential Medical Featherlight Aluminum Demi Four Wheel Walker and Essential Medical Featherlight Aluminum Four Wheel Walker With Loop Hand Brakes.
  • Posture Control Walker: These walkers possess forward facing handles that promote a better posture. These medical walkers help improve cadence, velocity, energy use and step and stride length. For example the Clarke Dolomite Maxi+ Walker.
  • Folding Walker: These walkers come with a folding design to fit into narrow spaces or to be folded to take along on the go. These walkers feature an easy-to use folding mechanism that is designed for operation with palm, finger or arm. Try the lightweight Guardian Easy Care Folding Walker With 5 Inch Fixed Wheels or the Clarke Dolomite Jazz Lightweight Folding Walker from Clarke ideal to take along on small trips.
  • Bariatric Walkers: These walkers are designed with extra wide sturdy aluminum frames with a weight capacity of upto 850 lbs. Proper walker sizing help in preventing poor posture and prevent injury from misuse or falling. Try the Medline Bariatric Folding Walker that is available in various height configurations. 
  • Dual Release Walker: The two-button folding walkers are designed with a two-button release and a sturdy frame that allows for easy folding, compact storage and lateral access. For example the Invacare I-Class Dual Release Adult Paddle Walker With Wheels.
  • Hemi Walkers: These are designed for people with no strength in one arm. These walkers fold compactly for storage. Some models feature bi-level hand grips for transitions in and out of the chairs. HPFY brings to you a range of hemi walkers like the Guardian Adult Hemi Walker that offers added assistance and is height adjustable.
  • Knee Walkers: These walkers are designed to aid with mobility along with stability and balance. Knee walkers allow the user to walk with one leg while the other sits upon a support platform. The hand brakes can be adjusted for right or left hand use.
  • Support Walker: These are designed for users with a good lower body control but a limited upper body strength necessary for walking with traditional walkers. Support walkers feature thoracic supports to support the upper body as in case of the Kaye Anterior Forearm Support Walker (Y1FS) with thoracic supports for support and stability.
  • Single Release Walkers: These walkers fold easily with push of a button and are suitable for travelling. Single release walkers like the Graham-Field Single Release Folding Walkers - Deluxe Nitrile Grip easily folds and unfolds with a push button.
  • Stair Climbing Walkers: These models feature extended handle grips for stair climbing like in case of the Tubular Fabricators Universal Stair Climbing Walker

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