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What is Wheelchair Cushion?

Wheelchair Cushions provide comfort and a soothing experience for wheelchair users. These cushions are specially designed to provide pressure relief for those who have to sit in wheelchairs for long periods. Range starting from cushions for those at low risk to very high risk of developing skin breakdown or pressure ulcers. From luxuriously soft and therapeutic to somewhat basic and simple, there is something for everyone.

Types of Cushion for Wheelchair

  1. Pressure reduction cushions

    Pressure reduction cushions are filled with either air, memory foams, gel, and polymer, alone or in combination. These cushions are specially designed to equally distribute the user's weight and over a larger area to prevent putting stress on regions that could be vulnerable to skin breakdown or pressure ulcers.

  2. Positioning cushions

    Positioning cushions are perfect for those who may have to change postural needs over time. They are designed to conform to an individual’s seated shape in the pelvic loading area and provide complex trunk and lumbar support for significant spinal curvatures or asymmetries in the body.

  3. Comfort Cushions

    These are basic cushions intended to provide comfort without any special quality to reduce pressure sores or provide positioning support. They can be used on their own or added to an existing cushion to give extra comfort.

  4. Air Wheelchair Cushions

    These cushions are filled with air and offer dynamic and aggressive positioning. Air wheelchair cushions are suitable for those who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers. They are lightweight and have interconnected air cells that adjust with patient movement providing great comfort and support.

  5. Gel Wheelchair Cushions

    Gel Wheelchair Cushion provides pressure relief and enhances sitting stability and positioning. These pressure cushions for wheelchairs regulate the body's temperature and disallow forward sliding, thereby preventing shear force. It also controls sweat skin by regulating body temperature.

  6. Foam Wheelchair Cushions

    These cushions provide padded sitting stability and high density. Foam Wheelchair cushion easily conforms to the user's shape, and the high-density foam provides comfort, support, and skin protection. It also provides better weight distribution due to its contoured bases with multiple foam layers. Wheelchair foam cushions are lightweight and require low maintenance.

  7. Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions

    These cushions are made of gel, memory foam, high-density foam, or a combination of these. Sturdy yet soft bariatric wheelchair cushion can hold and evenly distributes weight without losing their shape. Due to its high-density composition, the cushion is breathable and comfortable on the skin.


How to choose the right Wheelchair Seat Cushion?


Choosing a wheelchair cushion will largely depend on user requirements. A cushion for a wheelchair should offer comfort, enhance sitting stability, pressure management, and position that minimizes fatigue. Selection should be need-based. If a person uses a wheelchair and spends most of his time in a wheelchair, he needs a wheelchair support pillow that provides comfort and manages the pressure. Shop wheelchair brings you a huge variety of wheelchair cushions with different shapes, sizes, and features. Understanding them will help you make a better choice.


Wheelchair Cushion Accessories


Wheelchair Cushion Accessories are used to enhance the comfort provided by the wheelchair cushion. These include wheelchair cushion covers, wheelchair adaptive cube pads, seat inserts, cushion pad protectors, etc.


Types of Wheelchair Cushion Shapes


Wheelchair cushions come in several different shapes that are specifically built to work for or against one specific factor :

  • Wedge Cushion Shape - Offers a tilt in the pelvic region, thus maintaining the shape of the lumbar region
  • Zero Elevation Cushion Shape - Utilizing a two density foam, they provide support for low-risk patients
  • Saddle Cushion Shape - They align the lower body perfectly and also give ample space for the pelvis to move
  • Anti-Thrust Cushion Shape - It is mainly for people who have difficulties in maintaining posture
  • No Lean Cushion Shape - Provides adequate safety as it allows movement in all directions but prevents the user from leaning too much
  • Amputee Cushion Shape - These cushion shapes allow the user to keep their residual limb in shape


Top 5 Best Wheelchair Cushions for Ulcer Prevention


  1. Skil-Care Super Soft Econo-Gel Cushion With LSII Cover
  2. Curve Wheelchair Cushion With Comfort-Tek Cover
  3. ROHO Contour Select Cushion
  4. EHOB Waffle Seat Cushion
  5. The Comfort Company M2 Zero Elevation Wheelchair Cushion With Comfort-Tek Cover


Where to buy Seat Cushion for Wheelchair online?


At Shop Wheelchair you will find a huge variety of wheelchair cushions. The variety includes air/dry floatation, honeycomb, amputee, pommel, hybrid, pediatric, bariatric, gel and foam, and much more from well-known manufacturers like Skil-Care, The Comfort Company, Medline Industries, and many more.


Wheelchair Seat Cushions FAQs


1. How long does a wheelchair cushion last?

Most cushions will last two to five years before they need to be replaced, except foam cushions with shorter life expectancy. Before purchasing a pillow for your wheelchair, find out approximately how long it would last before requiring replacement.

2. Do pressure relief cushions relieve the pressure?

Pressure Relief Cushions distribute pressure evenly over a surface, reducing peak pressure points on the skip to prevent the occurrence of pressure sores and provide additional comfort while seated.

3. What are three different types of pressure care cushions?

Cushion designs are classified into three types: low risk, medium risk, and high risk. The type of cushion you should buy is determined by whether you are at a low, medium, or high risk of increasing pressure sores.


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