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Wheelchair Cushions provide comfort and a soothing experience for wheelchair users. These cushions are especially designed to provide pressure relief for those who have to sit in wheelchairs for long periods of time. Range starting from cushions for those at low risk to very high risk of developing skin breakdown or pressure ulcers. From luxuriously soft and therapeutic to somewhat basic and simple… there is something for everyone. Variety includes air/dry floatation, honeycomb, amputee, pommel, hybrid, pediatric, bariatric, gel and foam and much more from well-known manufacturers like Skil-Care, The Comfort Company, Medline Industries and many more.

How To Choose The Best Wheelchair Cushion?

Choosing wheelchair cushion will largely depend on user requirements. A cushion for wheelchair should offer comfort, enhance sitting stability, pressure management, and offer positioning that minimizes fatigue. Selection should be need-based. For example, if person is wheelchair-bound and spend most of his waking hours in a wheelchair, then he needs a wheelchair support pillow that provides comfort as well as manages the pressure. Shop wheelchair brings you a huge variety of wheelchair cushions that have different shapes, sizes, and features. Understanding them will help you make a better choice.

Air Wheelchair Cushions

These cushions are filled with air and offer dynamic and aggressive positioning. Air Wheelchair cushion are suitable for those who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers. They are lightweight and have interconnected air cells that adjusts with patient movement providing great comfort and support.

Gel Wheelchair Cushions

Gel Wheelchair cushion provides pressure relief and enhance sitting stability and  positioning. These pressure cushions for wheelchairs regulate temperature of the body and disallow forward sliding thereby preventing shear force.  It also prevent sweat skin by regulated body temperature.

Foam Wheelchair Cushions

These cushions provide padded sitting stability and high density. Foam wheelchair cushion easily conforms to the shape of the user and the high density foam provides comfort, support and skin protection. It also provide better weight distribution due to their contoured bases with multiple foam layers. Wheelchair foam cushions are lightweight and require low maintenance.

Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions

These cushions are made of gel, memory foam, high density foam or combination of these. Sturdy yet soft bariatric cushions can hold and evenly distributes weight without loosing its shapes. Due to high density composition the cushion is breathable and is comfortable on the skin. 

Wheelchair Cushion Accessories

Wheelchair cushion accessories is used to enhance comfort provided by the wheelchair cushion. These include wheelchair cushion covers, wheelchair adaptive cube pads, seat inserts, cushion pad protectors, etc.