Frequently Asked Questions on Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories
What are Wheelchair Accessories?
Wheelchair Accessories are designed for the wheelchairs. Include such products that help in moving around simpler and enjoyable.
What is an Adjustable Drop Base?
Adjustable Drop Base allows a cushion to be dropped within the wheelchair frame. It allows for effortless adjustment, easy portability and contains quick release hardware that provides secure attachment to any wheelchair. This drop base is designed to provide stable base of support for the individual who uses a seat cushion in the wheelchair.
What is a Wheelchair Carry Pouch?
Wheelchair Carry Pouch fits and attaches most wheelchairs. It comes with large, zippered pocket and a mesh pocket with velcro closures. It is made of durable and easy to clean nylon.
What is a Hand Pump for wheelchair cushions?
Hand Pump provides non-electrical, exact inflation for all Waffle products. It ensures therapeutic effectiveness and maximizes the medically-proven benefits of static air support.
What is a Seat Belt For Wheelchair?
Seat Belt For Wheelchair is to be used with all Drive and other leading manufacturers wheelchairs. It is safe and durable and available in black color.
What is a Wheelchair Cup Holder?
Wheelchair cup holder is slotted on two sides to hold a cup with handles and is accessible to left or right-handed people. It can also hold a glass, can or bottle.
What is a Foot Friend Cushion?
Foot Friend Cushion helps relaxing feet in comfort while sitting in wheelchair. This padded foot rests both your fee and calves for added comfort.
What are Half Lap Trays?
Half lap trays are made of clear, durable and impact resistant polycarbonate that is mounted to the armrests, and designed to curve around the body. When not in use the tray swings away for safe storage at the side of the wheelchair.
What is a Curved Adjustable Headrest?
Curved Adjustable Headrest is a two-step headrest which provides posterior and lateral support when mounted on a Personal Back or Infinity series back.
What is a Wheelchair Tray?
Wheelchair Tray provides a hard surface for eating, writing, reading or other activities.