Afikim Afiscooter Breeze C4 Mid Size 4 Wheel Scooter

Afikim Afiscooter Breeze C4 Mid Size 4 Wheel Scooter

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Afiscooter Breeze C4 Four Wheel Scooter outstanding design along with the user comfort facilities: a fully adjustable swiveling orthopedic seat that gives easy access and an enjoyable ride, the DELTA tiller that provides easy steering and is fully adjustable to accommodate any driver. A top quality drive is guaranteed with an advanced full suspension system. It allows for a smooth and comfortable ride along with improved stability, indoor and outside.

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  • Afiscooter Breeze C4 Mid Size 4 Wheel Scooter is a scooter for elderly and disabled persons, and for fun and sport
  • Designed for a maximum occupant mass of up to 150kg (330 lbs)
  • An indoor/outdoor scooter designed to work in normal environmental conditions from very cold temperatures (-30ºC/-22ºF) to very hot temperatures (+45ºC/+113ºF)
  • Can be operated in light rain showers, but extended use is not recommended in heavy rain or snow
  • The relatively large wheels allow the user drive on unpaved roads, over moderately rough terrain and over obstacles as high as 4 (10 cm)
  • Maximum safe slope is 9º (16%)
  • The braking system stops AFISCOOTER C smoothly and within a short distance after the throttle control lever is released
  • A standard handbrake is also provided for backup
  • Equipped with both front and rear shock absorbers to give the user a comfortable and smooth drive, even when using the vehicle on moderately rough roads
  • The seat is spacious and comfortable and can be rotated for easy access
  • All controls are conveniently mounted on the tiller and are simple to operate
  • Seat: 18"
  • Wheels: Standard
  • Speed: 9.3 mph
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More Information

  • Testing Standards: Afiscooters are designed with driver safety in mind and according to international standards. Afiscooters are certified for CE-12184 in Europe, FDA approved in USA and hold ISO 9001-2000
  • Maintenance:
    - Check water level in the batteries. Add water as needed in every two months
    - Check air pressure in all tires in every two weeks
    Note: To check the batteries, the Batteries Cover located under the Seat must be removed
    - Every two months, check the water level in both batteries
    Note: Failure to maintain water level in the batteries will cause damage and void the manufacturer warranty
  • Battery Charging Routine:
    - Use the scooter along the day as needed or until charging is low, according to the battery indicator
    - At the end of the day, recharge the scooter batteries along the night
    - No need to disconnect the batteries at the end of the charging. The charger is Automatic and stops itself
    - No need to recharge the scooter batteries at the end of every drive, unless you are not intending to use the scooter anymore on that day
    - In case of recharge the scooter along the day, you should make a full charging
    - It is not recommended to leave the batteries uncharged for a few days as it can reduce the travel distance and battery life
    Note: There is NO need to disconnect the Charging Plus promptly after the charging is complete
  • Warning:
    - Electromagnetic interference (EMI) from sources such as radio and TVstations, amateur radio (HAM) transmitters, two-way radios and cellular phones can affect powered vehicles
    - Do not operate hand-held transceivers (transmitters-receivers) such as citizen band (CB) radios, or turn ON personal communication devices such as cellular phones, while the powered vehicle is ON
    - Be aware of nearby transmitters, such as radio or TV stations and try to avoid coming close to them
    - On appearance of unintended movements or brake release occurrences, switch the powered vehicle OFF as soon as it is safe
    - Be aware that adding accessories or components, or modifying the powered vehicle, may make it more susceptible to EMI
    - There is no easy way to evaluate their effect on the overall immunity level of the powered vehicle
    - 10 volts per meter (V/m) is a generally achievable and useful immunity level against EMI (as of May 1994). The higher the level the greater the protection
    - This product as delivered to you has an immunity level of 20 V/m


Particulars Specification
Overall Length 52" (132 cm)
Overall Width 26" (67 cm)
Overall Height 50" (126 cm)
Ground Clearance 4" (10 cm)
Weight with Batteries 269 lb (122 kg)
Weight without Batteries 205 lb (93 kg)
Travel Range 25 mile (40 km)
Weight Capacity 330 lb (135 kg)
Maximum Speed 9.3 mph (15 Km/h)
Max. climbing angle 16%
Turning Radius 67" (170 cm)
Seating 18" (46 cm)
Tires type Pneumatic
Tires Size (Front) 4.1/3.5 x 6"
Tires Size (Rear) 4.1/3.5 x 6"
Battery type 12V 45-50A/h
Power Unit 24V DC motor


1 Year Extensive Warranty

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