Pacific Rehab Miniwalk Gait Trainer

Pacific Rehab Miniwalk Gait Trainer

Brand/Manufacturer: PACIFIC REHAB INC.
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Pacific Rehab Miniwalk Gait Trainer from Meyland-Smith in Denmark is the newest model of walking supports for small children ranging from 1.5 – 7 years. It helps the child achieve greater independence while promoting a more natural gait pattern. Miniwalk is intended for walking disabled who cannot stand up without support from a seat. The trunk support gives support to keep the torso upright and makes the child feel safe. The Miniwalk moves up and down with each step, allowing the user to come down into a heel strike and toe-off. As the user steps forward, the spring lifts and assists with the swing through a phase of gait.

5 Reasons to buy Miniwalk I and Miniwalk II

  • Large Wheels supports indoor and outdoor use
  • Shipped almost fully assembled
  • Easy No Tool Adjustment
  • Weight Capacity is 90lbs
  • Walker weight is 33lbs

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What are the benefits of a Miniwalk Trainer?

  • Soft no flat tires can be adjusted easily to give a good and individually fitted support.
  • The design is simple and easy to use Spring-assist system to aid the child to “swing through” during gait.
  • The body posture of the child can be set in any position from vertical to 15° forward tilt.
  • Dynamic Movement to promote normal gait motion.
  • The seat can be adjusted forwards or backward
  • Available in Turquoise Color
  • Miniwalk I : supports small children of age 1-1/2 years to 4 years
  • Miniwalk II : supports small children of age 4 years to 7 years
  • Important Instructions prior to the first use of Miniwalk Trainer:
  • User Manual for Miniwalk I and Miniwalk II

What is Pacific Rehab Miniwalk made up of?


  • Frame: Powder-coated steel tubes
  • Fittings: Electrolytically galvanized steel
  • Padding: Polyurethane foam
  • Seat cover: Synthetic leather
  • Wheels: Soft solid rubber tyres on synthetic rims with self-lubricating ball bearings


Miniwalk Parts Description


Miniwalk Parts Description


What to buy with Pacific Rehab Miniwalk Trainer

Accessories Sold Separately with Miniwalk Gait Trainer

  • Leg Panel - Leg Separation Plate helps prevent leg scissoring.
  • Non Reverse Brakes - Prevent Rearward Movement of Gait Trainer.
  • Drag Brakes - Provide resistance and slows the users walking speed.
  • Hip Pads - Keep hips centered.
  • Anti-Tips Supports - Metal devices designed to prevent freestanding ranges from tipping.

Maintenance of Pacific Rehab Miniwalk


  • Washing: The walking aid can be washed down with hot water and a normal detergent. However, the padding on the trunk support, handle bar and rear stop should be avoided. With repeated use of detergent, the painted frame may gradually take on a matt appearance, but can then be polished with car polish. Follow the instructions on the polish. 
  • Checking for tightness: Regularly check that all grips, bolts, screws and nuts are fully tightened and if necessary retighten.
  • Oiling of springs: If the springs of Miniwalk start to creak it is possible to oil them from the bottom of the lower tubes. The walking aid is turned upside-down and very little oil is dripped into the two vents closest to the centre. The walking aid is left in this position for a couple of minutes to enable the oil to disperse. Then the walking aid is turned around to its original position and it is left to drip off on a newspaper or the like.

What are the Safety Measures for Pacific Rehab Miniwalk I and Miniwalk I?


  • It is a therapy product - and should only be used as such!
  • The spring system used in it can involve a certain risk of the walking aid toppling over if used by a very restless child.
  • Rolls very easy, and one should always consider potential dangers the child can roll over to.
    Never leave the child in Miniwalk unattended!
  • If parts are removed, open tube ends may be revealed. These may have sharp inner edges and be dangerous for probing fingers.
  • Designed to avoid the necessity for open tube ends! If, however, a situation with open tube ends should arise, it is recommended that they are sealed off with plastic plugs.
  • Limitations on use: The maximum user weight permitted is 40 kg (90 lb.). The walking aid should only be used on flat, level and stable surface


How to measure Miniwalk I and Miniwalk II Gait Trainers?

Measuring Guide for Miniwalk Trainers

Specification Miniwalker I Miniwalker II
Length 29" (74cm) 29" (74cm)
Width 25-1/2" (65cm) 25-1/2" (65cm)
Seat/groin height 10-1/2 " to 19" (27cm to 48cm) 14" to 25"
Trunk support (Axilla)height 20-1/2" to 29" (52cm to 75 cm) 27" to 35"
Wheel size, front 6" x 1-1/4"  (150cm x 30cm) 6" x 1-1/4" (150cm x 30cm)
Wheel size, rear 10" x 2" (250cm x 50cm) 10" x 2" (250cm x 50cm)
Maximum load 90lb (40kg) 90lb (40kg)


Warranty for Miniwalk Gait Trainers

Miniwalk is CE-marked. This warrants that Miniwalk is conforming to all relevant safety requirements in Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices. It is tested by Berlin Cert, Prüf- und Zertifi zierstelle für Medizinprodukte GmbH, an der Technischen Universität Berlin.

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